Exclusive FundraisingBox webinar (German only)

– the key to younger target audiences.

Gamification and experiential marketing open up a completely new approach to young donors. We will use selected cases to show you how to successfully use gamified marketing to attract donations.

FundraisingBox Exclusive

GAMIFICATION - the key to younger audiences

The biggest challenge for NGOs and nonprofit organizations these days is attracting donors from young target groups. Classic fundraising mechanisms and campaigns are simply no longer effective with millennials and Generation Z. Winning these peer groups as donors requires not only a special sociolect, which is mainly oriented toward social media memes, but also one thing in particular: experiences that will be remembered for a long.

Using selected cases, we will show you in this webinar how to make your campaigns stand out in the age of the behavioral and attention economy, turn fundraising into immersive experiences, and attract young donors to your organization for the long term.


Table of contents:

In our webinar "GAMIFICATION – the key to younger audiences" on November 10 from 11:00 to 12:00 am we will answer the following questions:

  • How do younger target groups (Millennials and Generation Z) consume media and content?
  • What does gamification mean?
  • How do gamification and fundraising complement each other?
  • How can I integrate gamification into my next campaign?

Our speaker

Paul Radtke & Michael Stepper

Paul Radtke and Michael Stepper are the founders and CEOs of The Cookie Labs, a brand experience agency that helps NGOs and nonprofits reactivate existing donors and tap into new (younger) audiences. Their playful blend of storytelling, gamification, data science and the latest state-of-the-art technologies breathes new life into fundraising campaigns through interactive experiences and donation games.

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