FundraisingBox Webinars & Videos

Get to know the FundraisingBox

Here you will find webinars and videos that introduce you to the functions of the FundraisingBox. This gives you a comprehensive overview of the digital fundraising opportunities that our fundraising software offers you.

Deep insights into the FundraisingBox

FundraisingBox features

In this series of free webinars, we will take a detailed look at the FundraisingBox with you. We shed light on all functions, details and possibilities of our products. In the coming weeks we will be looking at donation forms and our CRM .


Donation forms

Im Webinar Spendenformulare zeigen wir Ihnen unsere Formulare und Ihre Einsatzmöglichkeiten. Das Webinar findet täglich um 9, 13 und 18 Uhr statt.

  • how to create forms in the FundraisingBox
  • how to enable one-time payments and recurring donations
  • how to set up the common payment methods
  • how to make your forms individual and activating in order to get more out of your forms.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Im Webinar CRM zeigen wir Ihnen unser Non-Profit CRM im Detail. Das Webinar findet täglich um 10, 14 und 17 Uhr statt.

  • how you can use the FundraisingBox to build better relationships with donors
  • how to keep track of all your donations and donor data
  • how to create and send automatic donation receipts
  • how you can work together more efficiently as a team through integrated task management and get more out of your campaigns.

Wissen von Fundraising-Experten

Exklusive Experten-Webinare

In dieser Reihe von kostenlosen Webinaren teilen Vordenker*innen, Innovator*innen und Experten ihr Wissen aus verschiedenen Bereichen im digitalen Fundraising wie Marketing, Campaigning, Social Media, Advertising oder Prozess-Building.


Read our blog

In our blog you will find lots of articles about the FundraisingBox, our product and its functions, best practice articles from our customers and numerous content about successful digital fundraising.

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