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In the future, work on your projects with the best creatives and strategists and be inspired by the possibilities in digital fundraising in our showroom.

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Are you looking for a creative fundraising idea or do you need help implementing your plan? You will find support in all areas from our FundraisingBox experts. Read here how our partners can enrich your fundraising with the FundraisingBox:

FundraisingBox partner The Cookie Labs

The Cookie Labs

As an agency for brand experience, The Cookie Labs supports NGOs in reactivating existing donors and opening up new (younger) audiences. Our playful mix of storytelling, gamification, data science and the latest state-of-the-art technologies breathes new life into fundraising campaigns through interactive experiences and donation games.

Contact person: Michael Stepper

DigitalizationFundraisingStrategy consultingWeb development

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FundraisingBox partner agency Zielgenau

Agency Zielgenaue

A marketing and fundraising agency is right on target. We have been advising and supporting non-profit organizations since 2006 in setting up systematic fundraising and developing and introducing sustainable fundraising solutions. In doing so, we pay attention to the personal and financial possibilities, and temporarily take on individual fundraising tasks.

Contact person: Jörg Günther

Strategy consultingFundraisingCommunication

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FundraisingBox-Partner DIE FUNDRAISER by Qmart


DIE FUNDRAISER by Qmart – das ist deine Fundraising Agentur. Hier triffst du auf führendes Fundraising Know-how kombiniert mit erstklassiger Digital-Marketing Expertise. Für die Umsetzung deiner Strategien und Kampagnen bieten wir die entsprechenden technischen Services. Von der Konzept-Erstellung über Workshops bis hin zur Content-Erstellung und -Programmierung. Bei uns findest du empathischen Service aus einer Hand.

Ansprechpartnerin: Sabine Wagner-Schäfer

Strategy consultingFundraisingDigitalizationCRM integration

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FundraisingBox partner em-factor


Finest Google Ad [Grant] s Marketing + $ 10,000 monthly free Google advertising budget. Digital fundraising with a holistic approach from search intent to conversion. We love to have performance and complexity under control for you, from cookie-free tracking to the receipt of donations. Measurably more success with holistic digital expertise.

Contact person: Sven Rieck

FundraisingStrategy consultingCommunication

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FundraisingBox partner Die Medialen

Die Medialen

With a 360 ° perspective on digital communication, we develop individual online solutions for future-oriented customers. We want digital projects to work socially, ecologically and economically and to continue to work tomorrow. For this we think holistically and progressively and work creatively, competently and reliably.

Contact person: Andreas Rothhaar

DigitalizationWeb developmentCommunication

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FundraisingBox partner Charicomm

Charicomm. Authentic Impact.

As a holistic marketing and communication agency, we support sustainable companies and non-profit organizations to significantly increase their own efficiency. We support you in your commitment to sustainability, positive social changes and the preservation of our planet. Together we can achieve great things.

Contact person: Stefano Levy


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FundraisingBox partner agency Zielgenau

AZ Fundraising

AZ fundraising bietet Lösungen für Neuspendergewinnung und Spenderbindung. Unter Berücksichtigung gezielter Analysen entwickeln wir Multi-Channel-Konzepte. Auf Basis unserer Targeting-Datenbank AZ DIAS setzen wir diese um. Für gezieltes und effizientes Fundraising

Contact person: Thomas Wonnemann


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FundraisingBox partner More Onion

More onion

More onion helps nonprofits and unions implement effective digital campaigns and fundraising projects. Our expertise in developing strategies, creative communication concepts and technical implementation allows us to support organizations at all levels of campaigning and fundraising.

Contact person: Florian Engel

DigitalizationFundraisingStrategy consultingWeb development

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FundraisingBox partner fixpunkt

fixpunkt advertising agency

fixpunkt has been looking after aid organizations, NGOs and non-profit donation organizations in the areas of online donations, online marketing and online fundraising since 2002. We saw trends come and go. Together with our customers, we find out which measures lead to a sustainable donation result and which leads to success in attracting and retaining online donors.

Contact person: Michael Hueber

Web developmentStrategy consultingFundraisingCommunication

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FundraisingBox-Partner fuchs und wald


Gemeinsam entwickeln wir E-Mail-Kampagnen für das Gute und unterstützen Non-Profits bei der Strategiefindung, Produktion und Programmierung. Wir analysieren, testen, optimieren barrierefrei und steuern die Prozesse eures E-Mail-Marketings. Für NGOs denken wir E-Mail-Kommunikation neu und geben das Handwerkszeug dazu weiter.

Ansprechpartner: Christian Fuchs

DigitalizationCommunicationStrategy consulting

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FundraisingBox partner Frühlink


NGOs, institutions and associations have their own dynamics. How nice that there is finally a communication partner who works just like that! frühlink is the NPO communication team of the creative agency elfgenpick and is familiar with open source thinking, volunteer work and sociocratic decision-making processes.

Contact person: Eliz Atilgan

Web developmentFundraisingCommunication

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FundraisingBox partner Insaal


Insaal GmbH is an IT and consulting company based in Bonn. We have been advising and supporting non-profit associations and organizations since 2014. We specialize in the development of Form API and the technical implementation of tailor-made solutions in the digital fundraising area such as websites, forms and databases. Our motto "think analog, act digital" helps us to understand our customers properly, to advise them personally and to offer them the best possible solution.

Contact person: Adnan Jadli

Web developmentCRM integrationFundraising

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FundraisingBox partner Aperto

Aperto - An IBM Company

Aperto is one of the leading digital agencies in Germany and has been part of the global IBM iX agency family since 2016. Together with our customers, we shape the digital transformation. And help to make the digitized world a little better. With a wide range of skills, innovative ideas and agile methods, we work at the interface between strategy, creativity and technology.

Contact person: Melanie Klein

Web developmentDigitalizationCRM integrationCommunication

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FundraisingBox partner Relishing Digital

Relishing digital

Our passion is to help progressive NPOs design, run or optimize digital fundraising campaigns. Relishing Digital specializes in peer-to-peer, Facebook and digital fundraising.

Contact person: Marco Kuntze


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FundraisingBox partner Pluralog


If you need support with the digital alignment of your non-profit organization, I am here for you. Together we will develop your online fundraising and online marketing. I will support you as a consultant, coach or sparring partner!

Contact person: Jona Hölderle

Web developmentFundraisingDigitalization

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FundraisingBox partner Various

Various Interactive

Whether fundraising, digitization or innovation - Various Interactive accompanies companies on their way to digital transformation. The entire team from the management level to the respective specialist departments works with perfection and vigor on the most diverse aspects of online fundraising. Because the realization of your vision is our greatest aspiration and the greatest recognition.

Contact person: Harald Holzmann

Web developmentFundraisingDigitalization

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FundraisingBox partner em-factor

em factor

em-faktor develops communication that sensitizes, motivates and changes. We support social profit organizations with everything they need in terms of communication: brand and organizational development, large donor fundraising and PR as well as cross-media donation campaigns.

Contact person: Alexander Spieth

Strategy consultingFundraisingCommunication

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FundraisingBox-Partner Mehrkom


Die Entwicklung eines inklusiven Miteinanders, die Gestaltung nachhaltiger Öffentlichkeitsarbeit für soziale Themen sowie die Umsetzung digitaler und kommunikativer Barrierefreiheit sind Schwerpunkte unserer Arbeit. mehrkom ist die Agentur für soziale Kommunikation. Wir denken mit und gern voraus. Wir hören nicht nur zu, sondern verstehen auch.

Ansprechpartnerin: Sandra Bentert

Strategy consultingFundraisingCommunication

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FundraisingBox-Partner Prolan Solutions

Prolan Solutions

Die Integration von Fundraising in Web und CRM schafft einen besonderen Mehrwert. In Zusammenarbeit mit Dynamics 365 Fundraising & Engagement bekommen Sie ein geeignetes Werkzeug für die Organisation von Spendenden, Mitgliedern und Ehrenamtlichen. Wir sind in Berlin und bundesweit tätig.

Ansprechpartner: Sebastian Müller

CRMWeb developmentDigitalization

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FundraisingBox partner Kieselhorst


I take care of your concerns with digital skills and agile working methods. From strategic advice to operational implementation, I accompany your project through to successful completion. For more digital donation success and sustainable relationships with your supporters.

Contact person: Lennart Kieselhorst

DigitalizationStrategy consultingCommunication

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FundraisingBox partner by intention


Conception, design and development of digital presentations and shopping experiences. No playing, all by intention.

Contact person: Sergei Fink

Web developmentCRMDigitalization

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FundraisingBox partner VCAT


VCAT Consulting GmbH is a company specializing in Internet applications that develops customer-oriented solutions such as websites, portals or databases on the basis of open source software. We are your web agency Potsdam.

Contact person: Patrick Schwalger

Web developmentDigitalizationCRM integration

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FundraisingBox partner Fundgiver

Fundgiver Social Marketing GmbH

Donor surveys engage supporters, provide personal data, identify upgrading prospects, and enable organizational learning. They are refinanced through incoming donations. Because marketing means customer focus and fundraising means addressing the needs of resource donors, donor surveys are a must: they increase donor engagement and the lifetime value of your supporters - cost-neutrally. Trust the expertise of the market leader Fundgiver.

Contact person: Tom Neukirchen

FundraisingStrategy consultingCommunication

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FundraisingBox-Partner Schindler IT

Alexander Schindler

Experience shows: Very often the handling of digital data sets turns out to be more difficult than expected. I accompany you and your data on the way into the FundraisingBox CRM, during the use in the system and for other tasks such as an external use in print mailings.

Contact person: Alexander Schindler

CRM integration

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