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The digital fundraising platform for
nonprofit organizations

The digital fundraising platform has all the features and integrations you need for digital fundraising, simple and recurring payment processing, donation and data maintenance, donor communication, relationship management, task management and for the automation of your internal processes. Each product is powerful alone. But together they are unbeatable.

Start digital fundraising quickly and easily with FundraisingBox Essentials. Perfect for everyone who is taking their first steps in digital fundraising.

For all organizations that no longer want to make compromises, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs, challenges and budget.

Increase donation volume

More donations, more impact

Encourage even more people to give and to become lifetime partners in your cause. You sustainably have higher donation volume to follow your mission.

  • Collect more donations online: Get in touch with your donors wherever they are and where they can experience and see what effect their donation has – on your website and all your touchpoints.
  • Turn your supporters into fundraisers: Everyone can become an ambassador for your organization and recruit new donors through fundraising campaigns for birthdays, anniversaries or events.
  • Emotionalize donations: Show what a donation can do for your organization, strengthen the connection to your supporters and create wonderful giving experiences – for example with a charity shop .
  • Design individual donation products: FundraisingBox enables you to open up new fields of giving. Enable e.g. donations via voice control, one click donations or combine events with a fundraising campaign!
Increasing donation income Screenshot FundraisingBox

Our products for digital fundraising

Screenshot FundraisingBox donation relationships

Make donors happy

Deliver great giving experiences

Your donors like to use what they know. Therefore, offer all common payment methods. Design convenient donation processes and enable your supporters to easily donate where they are and how they want to.

  • All payments for non profits: Offer your donors the payment method they want and create the experience they wish: for one-time and ongoing donations, for online and offline donations.
  • Build even stronger donor relationships: Simply select and segment donors and donations accurately and use our integrated communication tools to stay connected to your supporters.
  • Automate communication: Send Thank you mails including SEPA mandates automatically. You can also create and send donation receipts with just a few clicks - saving you valuable time.
  • Subscription Management: Create diversity with recurring payments - regardless of whether it is a donation, sponsorship or membership. We, among others, process SEPA direct debit, credit card, PayPal and Amazon Pay on a recurring basis.

Our payment cloud

Optimize and automate processes and data maintenance

Relieve yourself and your team

Optimize your processes and donation management. The FundraisingBox gives you the space to concentrate even more on your mission.

  • Manage donations faster: Simply have direct debits collected automatically and automatically synchronize all donations received on your bank account with the FundraisingBox CRM.
  • Always have all the data in front of you: You have full control and transparency over all incoming transactions as well as many other evaluations and filters - no more Excel lists.
  • Let the FundraisingBox work for you: Automate processes for donation receipts, data analysis, donation management or donor communication and relieve your team.
  • Synchronize data streams: Save yourself from manually maintaining data from the systems or import and export data automatically - get back to focusing on your mission together.
Process optimization screenshot in the FundraisingBox

CRM & Bank Sync

Graphic of the integrations of the FundraisingBox

Integrations & extensions

Connect FundraisingBox to your favourite solutions

FundraisingBox can also be seamlessly connected with other programs. Continue to use your used systems and simply integrate marketing automation, your existing CRM, data analytics solutions and more directly to develop your appropriate infrastructure.

  • Flexibility out of the box: The FundraisingBox offers you numerous extensions: from address validation to 2-factor authentication, analysis tools and newsletter tools.
  • Your donation forms, our CRM and vice versa: Our products are accessible via interfaces and for example can be linked to your Salesforce CRM or your own donation form. Our API package puts an end to manual imports, data silos and complicated workflows.
  • Salesforce 💚 FundraisingBox: Connect your Salesforce CRM with FundraisingBox's digital fundraising products and payment cloud. Automatic synchronization means your donation data is always centrally available in one system - in real time.
  • We develop customized solution: For special requirements or very specific expansion or connection, our specialists create customized interfaces for you. We support you in your projects.

Our integrations and extensions

This is how the FundraisingBox supports you and your nonprofit

Donation form for the FundraisingBox in a modern design

Fundraising how and from where ever you want to

The FundraisingBox adapts to your challenges, resources, budget and circumstances.
FundraisingBox is also browser-based - access your FundraisingBox with your team from anywhere.

Better use of resources and more insights in the FundraisingBox cockpit

Better insights and more time

Through our cockpit and many different evaluations you have a better overview of all received transactions, donor information and you have all your relevant data visible at a glance.

Heart symbol for success management

Personal success managers

Your success is important to us, which is why we accompany you from the beginning and support you with the ideal setup of the FundraisingBox. In addition, our great support team is at your side for all questions regarding the functions, technical topics and with extensive fundraising expertise.

Sustainable cooperation with heart with the FundraisingBox

Long-term partnership

We are more than a software. The FundraisingBox was and is developed together with nonprofits. We share the resulting and always new knowledge with you in webinars, in our help center as well as in our blog.

Sustainable cooperation with heart with the FundraisingBox

Large partner network

In the future, work on your projects with the best creatives and strategists and be inspired by the possibilities in digital fundraising in our showroom.

Lock symbol for security in the FundraisingBox

Security for your data

We guarantee the security of your data and that of your supporters – so that your donors give with an even better feeling.

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Highest data security for a good feeling

The FundraisingBox makes no compromises when it comes to data security . Strengthen trust in your organization and your supporters donate with a good feeling.

  • Regular pentests and vulnerability scans
  • Strong customer authentication and two-factor authentication
  • PCI certification
  • SOC3 certification
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Fail-safe firewalls
  • Payment sandbox: decoupling of payment flows
  • Individual assignment of rights
  • Compliance with HSTS through SSL and TLS protocols
  • State-of-the-art technologies and standard banking procedures for data encryption such as SSL encryption

FundraisingBox Webinars & Videos

Get to know the FundraisingBox

In our webinars on CRM and donation forms, we introduce you to the features of FundraisingBox. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the digital fundraising possibilities that our fundraising software offers you.

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FundraisingBox donation form in a smartphone

Happy customers

Regional nonprofits, small associations and international organizations use FundraisingBox successfully.

Even when there is a high volume of donations I can always rely on the resilience of the FundraisingBox payments.

Thilo Reichenbach from Aktion Deutschland Hilft uses the FundraisingBox

Thilo Reichenbach | Head of Media & Online
Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. | Alliance of German Aid Organizations
To the use case

Thanks to the FundraisingBox, we were able to start immediately with the climate subscriptions and test whether people found our concept good at all without a large initial investment.

Ruth von Heusinger from ForTomorrow uses the FundraisingBox

Ruth von Heusinger, founder and managing director
To the use case

The possibility to receive statistics and evaluations on donors and incoming donations is an enormous enrichment and facilitation of work. With the FundraisingBox, we get to know our supporters even better, so to speak - a real treasure.

Horizont eV and FundraisingBox donation management

Christine Lindemann MA, Head of Office
Horizont e.V.

We are convinced of the possibilities and flexibility of the donation forms. A great relief for online fundraising.

Klemens Karkow from NABU uses the FundraisingBox

Klemens Karkow | Speaker Online Fundraising and Major Donors
NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (German Nature Conservation Union)

The FundraisingBox is just great! Since we have been using it, our donation management and data maintenance works flawlessly. We especially like the implementation on our new website, because the donation form is super integrated into the page and the donor is not redirected to a new page.

The Munich Ambulant Children's Hospice Foundation uses the FundraisingBox's charity shop

Simone Kraus | Head of fundraising
Outpatient Children's Hospice Foundation Munich
To the use case

Use cases

Charity runs, donation shops, great forms or online games: Great giving experiences were developed with the FundraisingBox.

Spendenshop des AKM München entwickelt mit der FundraisingBox

Mehr Hilfe für schwerkranke Kinder durch den AKM Spendenshop

Die Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München nutzt schon seit vielen Jahren unsere Digital Fundraising Lösungen: Vom Online-Spendenformular bis zur Payment Cloud. Nun haben sie einen Spendenshop eingerichtet. mehr erfahren

FundraisingBox Use Case Aktion Deutschland hilft

Digital Fundraising

Aktion Deutschland Hilft nutzt die FundraisingBox schon seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich. Wir haben mit Thilo Reichenbach und Martin Hodsman über ihre Arbeit und ihr Digital Fundraising gesprochen: mehr erfahren

Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe nutzt die FundraisingBox

Spenden sammeln mit Online Games

So geht digital Fundraising: Die Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe hat in der Corona-Krise eine herausfordernde Situation kreativ genutzt, um Spenden zu sammeln und eine neue Zielgruppe zu erschließen. mehr erfahren nutzt die FundraisingBox

Collect donations online ist eine erfolgreiche und bekannte Kampagnenplattform, die online Spenden mit der FundraisingBox sammelt. Im Gespräch mit Adina Frohloff haben wir u.a. gefragt, wie sie unsere Produkte einsetzen: mehr erfahren

Das NCT setzt mit der FundraisingBox Spendenaktionen um

Enorme Viralität: Spendenlauf

Das Nationale Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT) Heidelberg war mit einem virtuellen Spendenlauf erfolgreich. Wir zeigen Ihnen hier wie. mehr erfahren

ForTomorrow nutzt die FundraisingBox

Klima-Abos für den Umweltschutz

ForTomorrow ist ein innovatives Konzept für den Umweltschutz. Wir zeigen Ihnen wie ForTomorrow mithilfe der FundraisingBox Emissionszertifikate aufkauft. mehr erfahren

We look forward to your success story

We want the world to be fairer, cleaner and more aware. Our drive is to help nonprofit organizations around the world raise awareness of their issues, find supporters for themselves, and realize their charitable projects.

  • 12 years of fundraising experience
  • First digital fundraising software in German-speaking countries
  • Over 5,000 happy users

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