E-payment for non-profits

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Individual and long-term donations

Individual and long-term donations

Whether a one-time or recurring donation, with the FundraisingBox Payment-Cloud you have all options: sponsorships, event donations, project donations and much more. You can also conveniently process offline donations - e.g. direct debits using paper forms - with us.

Salesforce connection

Individual & personal

You can choose which payment methods you would like to offer your donations. You only pay for what you really need. You can also define individual uses for each payment method.


Charity fees

We negotiate favorable non-profit conditions and charity tariffs with payment service providers, which we pass on directly to you. This saves you valuable donation money with every transaction.

Data analysis


Your donation details are safe with us. Our payment cloud is GDPR-compliant and complies with the SEPA and PCI guidelines.

Resource planning

Quick start

Simply link your accounts with the payment service providers to the FundraisingBox Payment-Cloud and get started!



Use our payment cloud with the FundraisingBox or, thanks to intelligent interfaces, with your own forms, your CRM or your ERPS.

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It works: By offering different payment methods, the number and satisfaction of our donors have increased significantly - which ultimately has a direct impact on our worldwide relief efforts.

Ärzte der Welt

Lena Ehlermann, Advisor Fundraising
Ärzte der Welt

Even when there is a high volume of donations I can always rely on the resilience of the FundraisingBox payments.

Thilo Reichenbach from Aktion Deutschland Hilft uses the FundraisingBox

Thilo Reichenbach | Head of Media & Online
Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. | Alliance of German Aid Organizations
To the use case

The data from all payment providers reaches us securely via just one interface - this saves time and nerves.


Lena Egenberger, Kommunikation
Bischöfliches Hilfswerk MISEREOR e.V.

Collect donations online

Highlights of the FundraisingBox Payment Cloud

Apple Pay and the FundraisingBox

Apple Pay is a simple and highly secure way to pay and collect donations online. Your donors simply select Apple Pay as their payment method, tap the display once and wait for the confirmation tone - that's it. You can use Apple Pay with many contactless payment systems and thus expand your digital channels. Apple Pay runs on all newer iOS devices. Learn more

Google Pay and the FundraisingBox

Google Pay makes it easier for your donors to donate. With just one push of a button, you can now support your heart projects - faster than with your credit card. Offer your donors even better experiences and give them even more flexible payment options. Setting up Google Pay is easy and paying is as secure as possible. Google Pay is available on all Android devices with Android version Lollipop 5+. Learn more

Fully automatic direct debits

With Wikando Direct Debit you automate your online and offline direct debit donations. We automatically create SEPA mandates and take care of a timely and reliable collection to your account. Prescribed prenotifications can also be sent automatically with a customizable e-mail template in the FundraisingBox. This way, direct debit donations land on your account in an uncomplicated way - you save manual collections and professionalize the direct debit process.

Automatically sync offline donations

With the FundraisingBox Bank-Sync you can link your bank account directly to your CRM. Offline donations and transfer donations also flow automatically into your donation management software - without any manual imports or manual entry. You can easily keep track of your donations and save valuable time. Go to bank sync

Automatic credit card updates

In the case of recurring donations via credit card, expiring credit card details are automatically updated; No standing order can therefore be canceled and no supporter has to make annoying changes. This saves time and nerves and ensures a recurring volume of donations.

Easily manage recurring donations

Create diversity with recurring payments - regardless of whether it is a donation, sponsorship or membership. We process SEPA direct debit, credit card, PayPal and Amazon Pay, among others, on a recurring basis. Manage all standing orders easily and centrally in one system - regardless of whether you want to change, stop or pause them.

The right thing for everyone

All payment methods - one partner

Everyone has their own preferred method of payment. So the more payment methods you offer, the more likely your donors will find their favorite payment method and the more likely they are to complete the donation. With a large selection you will increase your conversion and collect more donations for your mission!

We currently offer these payment methods:

Overview of all payment methods for donation processing with the FundraisingBox powered by Wikando GmbH

“Your donations also like to use what they know. Offer different payment methods - like in an online shop. This creates trust and noticeably increases the conversion of your forms. "

Peter Kral, CEO FundraisingBox


Flexible e-payment for all cases

Payment cloud interfaces for your own CRM and forms

You can also fully integrate our payment cloud into your own CRM and your own donation forms. We provide open interfaces, REST API and webhooks for this. Our Solution Architects will be happy to create solutions that are individually tailored to your needs and advise you on how to implement them. Contact us, we will be happy to help you connect to our payment cloud for uncomplicated payment processing from a single source.

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Customized payment processing

Individual payment cloud for your requirements

Our developers and solution architects are at your or your agency's side at any time with advice and energy and help you to make the payment cloud optimally usable for your requirements:

Solution Architect

Solution Architect

Would you like to use the functions of the FundraisingBox Payment Cloud for your own CRM? Would you like to equip your own donation form with the payment methods of the Payment Cloud? Together with you, we will find tailor-made solutions for your payment flows and efficiently resolve your data silos. Our specialists link your IT infrastructure with our payment cloud so that you can benefit from all advantages and functions in the future.



We are happy to mediate for you so that changes and the cooperation between your IT, external service providers and agencies run smoothly. We clarify with you and all your stakeholders in individual workshops, e.g. B. the flow of the payment processes and answer all your open questions about e-payment.

Manage donations & retain donors

What happens after the donation? With the FundraisingBox CRM you always have an eye on your donors and donations.

-> To the FundraisingBox CRM

FundraisingBox Knowledge

The FundraisingBox is constantly being developed in close cooperation with small and large organizations and therefore it adapts to the functions, challenges and resources of your organization. All of this experience and knowledge is in the FundraisingBox and we make a lot of it available to you for free on our blog.

FundraisingBox Blog E-Payment

E-payment: everything nonprofits need to know

A user-friendly payment process is not only important in online trading - e-payment is also a central part of the online donation journey. In this article you will learn everything about electronic payment methods for your nonprofit.

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FundraisingBox Blog Future of Giving

Test mode: test donation forms and payment methods without real money

Before a new donation form or a new payment method goes online, it should be tested extensively. The test mode of the FundraisingBox forms makes this easy.

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FundraisingBox Blog E-Payment

Use limited resources efficiently in nonprofits

Nonprofits are constantly caught between the need to operate effectively and the efficient use of donations. In most cases, time and financial resources are scarce. Digitization and automation can create a balance.

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Can I connect my accounts from payment providers such as PayPal or Klarna?

Yes. You can easily combine all common payment methods (e.g. PayPal, Klarna, etc.). It is advisable to offer donors different payment methods so that their preferred payment option is included. Donors expect a process that is as convenient as they are used to from online shops.

Can I connect the FundraisingBox to the bank account?

Use our Bank Sync and connect your FundraisingBox to your bank account to automate direct debits and, if necessary, to fetch data on donations that go directly to your bank account into your FundraisingBox CRM.

How much does the PaymentCloud cost?

The Payment Cloud is part of the donation forms, donation campaigns and charity shop modules. It therefore has no individual price. The payment cloud can also be used free of charge in our Essentials version for organizations and associations that are still at the beginning of their digital fundraising.

Where are my data stored? How secure is the FundraisingBox?

The FundraisingBox is a so-called software-as-a-service, i.e. a tool that you use in the browser. All the data you enter will be stored in certified data centers in Germany. In addition to maximum security at the digital level, these also rely on physical access guidelines. In addition, the server operators have highly secure back-up systems and strict double authentication procedures. In exceptional cases (for example with very high loads) the system can access server capacities in Europe.

The FundraisingBox uses the latest technologies and standard banking procedures to encrypt your data while data is being transmitted to and from the FundraisingBox. The FundraisingBox uses SSL and TLS protocols for this purpose. We have also been relying on strong customer authentication (SCA) since our introduction. The FundraisingBox is also PCI-certified. Find out more under data protection .

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