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A marketing and fundraising agency is right on target. For more than 15 years we have been advising and supporting organizations - and finding ways and solutions so that they can act successfully and with a future-proof approach.


What we can do for you

From advice to implementation, we accompany you in the further development of your organization and your fundraising.

  • We advise on strategy and conception in marketing, fundraising and nonprofit management
  • Fundraising can and must therefore constantly develop - this is why we speak of fundraising development. We advise in the areas of strategy, management, fundraising basics, fundraising instruments, public relations and online marketing
  • We coach and train your team
  • We take on integrated measures in fundraising and communication
  • as well as interim assumption of tasks in management, marketing and fundraising.
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Non-profit management · Marketing · Fundraising

As a non-profit organization, you know: Commitment to others is an important pillar of our society. But civil society is changing - this increases the pressure to change, to develop further and to act even more efficiently and systematically. We support non-profit organizations to introduce sustainable fundraising solutions. In doing so, we pay attention to your personal and financial possibilities, and temporarily take on individual fundraising tasks. We rely on the entire spectrum of fundraising instruments and the consistent use of digital tools.

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Optimizing the administration of a health foundation

An outdated database, a lot of manual data entry, duplicate filing of documents - this is how the member and sponsor administration, which has developed over time, has been presented. Based on the strategy of the health foundation, all processes were digitized with the FundraisingBox.

The FundraisingBox is the central tool in which all bookings and correspondence are made. All donations and membership fees are received automatically. Letters of thanks and donation confirmations can be sent either by post or electronically. Defined distribution lists and reports facilitate the planning, implementation and evaluation of mailings and campaigns.

The time savings are enormous - around 25% less effort goes into administrative tasks. Time that flows into the personal support and care of the sponsors.

The Cookie Labs makes organizations and non-profits more digitally successful

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