Smart donation forms

Ease of use
for your donors,
high conversion for you

The donation page on your homepage is the goal of the user journey and thus by far the most important page. Delight your supporters with online donation forms that make donating easy. Whether single or long-term donations - with the donation forms in the FundraisingBox you can offer all your donors an attractive giving experience.

Donation form from Fundraisingbox powered by Wikando GmbH

Delight donors

Donation forms that make giving easy

Donors are happy if they can donate as easily as possible. The intelligent donation forms in the FundraisingBox give all website visitors the opportunity to donate quickly and smoothly. The forms are responsive and, depending on the device (PC, tablet, mobile phone), the donation forms' layout is automatically adapted and presented in an attractive way. Each donation form can handle both single and recurring donations.



All forms are responsive. You can even set certain form fields and payment methods to be hidden on small screens. This increases readability and usability on mobile devices and creates a smooth donation experience on the go.


Live thank you

Immediately after the donation, your supporter will see your thank you page in the browser. At the same time, the FundraisingBox will automatically send personalized thank you emails from you. Completely with your text and in your branding, of course.

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The power of psychology

Would you like to donate more?

Do you know the tendency towards the middle ? A donor goes to your donation form. There are three ascending amounts to choose from. What happens now: most people click in the middle. So you can influence how much your supporters donate to your organization!

Proposed amounts

give the donors an indication of what amount of donation could be appropriate. According to the tendency towards the middle, the middle amount is usually selected.

FundraisingBox Essentials

Digital fundraising can't be simpler
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Get right into digital fundraising and collect more donations from day 1 – no fixed costs and no obligation.

  • Extensive options without compromises - right from the start: FundraisingBox Essentials offer you everything you need to get started in digital fundraising.
  • Get started right away: You can set up the FundraisingBox in just a few clicks and with almost no technical knowledge.
  • Create great donation experiences: Create wonderful donation experiences that will inspire your supporters in the long term.
  • Good news for you and your team: Relieve yourself and your entire team, make administration easier and focus completely on your mission.

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FundraisingBox donation form in a smartphone

Donation purposes

Your projects in focus

By using donation purposes, widgets and donation barometers, you can keep your projects apart at any time and clearly see the intention of incoming donations.

Donation form for any number of projects

As many as you want

Create as many projects as you like. Your supporters can choose which specific project they would like to donate to.

Donation barometer and widgets for digital fundraising

Donation barometer and widgets

Create separate barometer widgets and buttons for each project. The project name can be selected as a donation purpose when donating.

Integrated payment processing

Receiving donations is easy

All FundraisingBox donation forms contain integrated payment processing - so you don't have to worry about it. With the FundraisingBox you can offer your donors the most important and most modern payment methods.

Donate directly to your account using the donation form

Directly to your account

Incoming donations go straight to your organization's account

Donation form with automatic transfer letter

Automatic direct debit

Saves valuable time: Use our automatic SEPA mandates or the Wikando direct debit .

Donation form for donations on your behalf

In your name

Donors' bank statements will show the name of your organization, not of your payment service provider.

Donation form with all payment methods

All payment methods

By simply integrating all relevant payment methods, you can offer all supporters their preferred provider.

Payment processing

Donation form for recurring payments

Recurring payments

Create diversity with recurring payments - whether donations or memberships.

Webinar: Get to know the FundraisingBox

Find out in our free webinar how you create forms in the FundraisingBox, how to enable one-time payments and recurring donations, how you set up common payment methods and how you get out more of your forms .

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Tracking & analysis

Tracking & analysis

Manage campaigns

Determine the success of individual campaigns. Submit your donation forms individual tracking codes and embed analytics codes on your own thank you pages. Also add and read out advertising codes for all relevant file types.

Start very easily

Online within 5 minutes

The FundraisingBox donation forms can be integrated quickly and easily on your website - without any programming. And should you ever have a question: Our extensive help center and our competent support ensure that everything works smoothly.

Donation form without programming

Without programming

Start your online fundraising in minutes - because it's really easy! Without any programming knowledge, you integrate donation forms on your website and you can collect valuable donations for your projects via your website.

Donation forms with many interfaces

Lots of interfaces

Seamlessly integrate your daily applications. The FundraisingBox offers many interfaces to frequently used apps. So you always stay in the flow.

FundraisingBox interfaces

Because the eye gives, too

100% flexible design

Use our form designs, customize them, or use our form API to integrate your custom-built donation pages.

Examples of one-step and multi-step donation forms

One-Step / Multi-Step

Design your donation forms in single or multi-level. Fully develop your creativity.

Donation form in individual design

Your branding

Our forms are embedded directly in your website and can be completely adapted to your web design, also with your own CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Various donation form templates

Attractive templates

So that you can start directly with a donation form on your website, we have developed six attractive templates that you can integrate into your website with just a few clicks.

Donation form with custom fields

Custom Fields

You can also use custom fields. So you decide what information you want to request from your donors. You can rename, add or remove fields to create your perfect donation form.

Donation form for various purposes

A jack-of-all-trades form

Whether classic online donation forms, forms for members and sponsorships or donation shops - the FundraisingBox is more versatile than any other solution on the market.

Tracking & analysis

Your own form linked to the FundraisingBox

A magical connection

A smoothly working donation form is crucial for your supporters to actually donate. But the form is just the shell. The real magic happens behind where personal and payment data is processed. With the form and payment API, you can unlock the FundraisingBox's full potential, even if you are not using the FundraisingBox forms.

Donations via the online donation form also flow into the FundraisingBox, as do donations from online fundraising campaigns or standard transfers, which are simply synchronized.

The Munich Ambulant Children's Hospice Foundation uses the FundraisingBox's charity shop

Simone Kraus | Head of fundraising
Outpatient Children's Hospice Foundation Munich
To the use case

"With the FundraisingBox, it is not only possible to quickly and easily integrate donation forms in any number of our websites, but also to design and customise them according to our wishes."

Licht für die Welt

Mag. Ulrike Pelzl, Online Marketing
LICHT FÜR DIE WELT – Christoffel development cooperation

"The flexible and easy integration of donation forms makes the FundraisingBox particularly attractive. Also high traffic is handled perfectly. If you have any questions or problems, the support is always there and helps you in a friendly and competent way."

PETA Germany

Marta Rittershofen, Online Fundraising
PETA Germany

“We are convinced of the possibilities and flexibility of the donation forms. A big relief for the online fundraising. "

Klemens Karkow, Referent Fundraising
NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (German Nature Conservation Union)

“The FundraisingBox has many advantages, but the most important criterion for us was the simplicity and clarity of the donation forms. Because it is particularly important when donating to make it as easy as possible for the donor. In this point the FundraisingBox is simply great. "

Franziska Spielleuthner, Public Relations
Menschen für Menschen

"With the FundraisingBox, I don't have to worry whether our donation form will work."

Michael Gotzen, Fundraising Manager
Menschen für Menschen

FundraisingBox Knowledge

The FundraisingBox is constantly being developed in close cooperation with small and large organizations and therefore it adapts to the functions, challenges and resources of your organization. All of this experience and knowledge is in the FundraisingBox and we make a lot of it available to you for free on our blog.

FundraisingBox Blog E-Payment

E-payment: everything nonprofits need to know

A user-friendly payment process is not only important in online trading - e-payment is also a central part of the online donation journey. In this article you will learn everything about electronic payment methods for your nonprofit.

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FundraisingBox Blog Tracking

Increase donation form conversion

Read in this how-to article with lots of practical tips and best practice examples how you can successfully increase your donation volume with an ideally designed donation page, how to make your donation page more convincing and thus to increase your conversion.

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FundraisingBox Blog E-Payment

Use limited resources efficiently in nonprofits

Nonprofits are constantly caught between the need to operate effectively and the efficient use of donations. In most cases, time and financial resources are scarce. Digitization and automation can create a balance.

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How can I embed a form? What is an iframe?

Regardless of whether it is a small association or an international aid organization, we have the right solution for you. In order to give you maximum flexibility, we offer various products and solutions - whether you are just getting started in digital fundraising or want to continue growing. You can combine our products individually with each other - according to your individual requirements. And you only pay for what you need. A list of our products can be found under Features & Prices . If you are just getting into digital fundraising or are new, the Essentials version of the FundraisingBox offers an interesting range of functions for a quick and easy start in digital fundraising: without fixed costs, without compromises, without risk.

How can I embed a form? What is an iframe?

FundraisingBox forms can be easily embedded in all common 'CMS' (Content Management System) or editing systems such as Wordpress or Typo3. As soon as you create a form in the FundraisingBox, a short 'Code Snippet' appears, a few lines of computer code that you simply copy and paste into the CMS on the relevant website. The form will then appear on the website as an 'iframe'. The technology is tried and tested and safe, and allows you to configure and customize the forms as you wish. Alternatives are possible with an Enterprise Account of the FundraisingBox, where you can go to the forms via Javascript, for example to create multi-step forms.
Another tip: Changes to the settings are updated automatically. There is no need to re-insert the embed code.

What do I need 2 forms for?

For example, one form can be used to collect "regular" donations and the second for memberships. One form per language is also required for multilingual websites. Various projects for which donations can be made can be made selectable in the forms as a donation purpose. The number of these projects is unlimited.

How can I create projects?

If you have the appropriate system authorization, you can create projects quickly and easily under Create projects . To do this, click on "Add project" at the top right and assign your internal project name under "Name". You can optionally add an internal description and a donation target. Then save. Now the project can e.g. B. be deposited in the donation form.

Do I need a form for every project?

No. You can create as many projects as you want. For projects that are linked to a form as an item, you can create buttons or donation barometer widgets, which you can integrate on project pages and which lead to the form, where the corresponding project is then preselected.

Do project widges also work with the basic variant?

Donation barometer You can generate widgets, donation buttons, project donation buttons, QR codes, parameter links for social media and newsletters and much more with the basic version.

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