Salesforce & FundraisingBox

Payment cloud and digital fundraising for your Salesforce

Connect your Salesforce CRM with the digital fundraising products and the payment cloud of the FundraisingBox. Thanks to the automatic synchronization, your donation data is always available centrally in one system - in real time.

Salesforce synchronization of Fundraisingbox powered by Wikando GmbH

Salesforce connection

Salesforce meets fundraising

Use the digital fundraising solutions (donation forms, fundraising campaigns, etc.) and the Payment Cloud with all payment methods of the FundraisingBox seamlessly in your Salesforce system. This turns your CRM into a comprehensive digital fundraising tool.


Central data = more time

Thanks to automatic data synchronization in real time, you only work in Salesforce, save the time for manual imports and avoid data silos. Up-to-date and complete figures are always available for analysis.


FundraisingBox support

We are constantly developing our connector so that our product always works perfectly tailored to your workflows. You receive support for payment and digital fundraising from a single source and we accompany you closely with your migration project.

Man programmed - interface FundraisingBox to Salesforce

We take over
the set-up

Our API-based solution enables numerous customizations as well as smooth integration. Talk to us and we will clarify the requirements with you in workshops, create the project plan and take over the setup.

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Our Salesforce integration

With our product, your Salesforce becomes a fundraising tool. Our bidirectional interface works API-based - so we can tailor our solution perfectly to your needs and requirements.

  • Your payments in Salesforce : Automatic synchronization and payment processing for all payment methods (such as SEPA, credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay)
  • One interface : We transfer your data to Salesforce and back - you only work in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce standards : We build on the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and use standardized Salesforce objects. You can continue to use all known Salesforce functions and integrations.
  • High data quality : We use smart duplicate detection to identify duplicate data records and ensure high data quality across the systems.

Graphic showing which fields are automatically mapped in the FundraisingBox interface to Salesforce
Salesforce interface

A Salesforce interface especially for the European area

The FundraisingBox tools allow you to adapt your Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to your needs in Europe. You don't need expensive implementation partners, for example, to comply with the SEPA requirements. Thanks to the FundraisingBox connection, Salesforce can also be used easily by European organizations and associations and is optimally adapted to their needs.


Your tailor-made Salesforce interface

Systems like Salesforce are complex and diverse. With our Salesforce Connector, we make integrated digital fundraising very easy. Even if each Salesforce system is set up individually, we will work with you to develop a solution tailored to your application. We seamlessly link Salesforce and your FundraisingBox so that you can get the best out of both systems.

Solution Architect

Solution Architect

Are you already using Salesforce CRM or considering switching and would like to use the Payment Cloud and the FundraisingBox's digital fundraising tools? Together we will find tailor-made solutions for your requirements and also implement complex requests for you. We design a functional interface for your use case so that you can successfully and efficiently digitally fundraise.



We mediate for you so that changes and the cooperation between IT, external service providers and agencies run smoothly. We clarify with you and all your stakeholders in individual workshops, e.g. B. more complex processes and workflows and respond to all your questions.

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What requirements do I have to meet in order to be able to use the FundraisingBox with Salesforce?

You need a current digital fundraising product from the FundraisingBox, the Salesforce Enterprise Edition and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.

Do I need programmers or other support to use the FundraisingBox with Salesforce?

If you are already working with a Salesforce implementation partner, we will coordinate closely with them during the set-up. If you are still looking for a suitable partner for your Salesforce migration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In which system does my donor service work?

Your donor service can implement all changes in Salesforce and does not have to familiarize itself with two different systems. Changes to standing orders are automatically transferred to the FundraisingBox so that the next debit takes place as requested.

How do I get to the interface?

We develop your interface individually. Just get in touch with us!

When can I expect further functions?

We are working hard to be able to bring the next functions to market soon. You are welcome to let us know which functionalities would be particularly relevant for you.

Do I need any other payment processing programs?

No - the FundraisingBox Payment Cloud processes all payments with all common payment service providers independently.

Can I also have donation receipts created using the Salesforce Connector?

If you don't have a donation receipt solution for your Salesforce account, please contact us. Together we will examine your options.