For strong donor relationships

Transparency. Efficiency. Service.

The FundraisingBox CRM offers everything you need for your professional and efficient donor management and support. Access your donation data from anywhere, select donations and donations accurately and easily and use the integrated communication tools to stay connected to your supporters. Manage team tasks clearly and seamlessly and easily connect all your fundraising channels.

  • CRM specially developed for non-profits
  • Get started quickly with simple data migration
  • Efficient work through intuitive operation
  • CRM with integrated online fundraising
  • Automatic account reconciliation can be booked ( Bank Sync )
  • Segmentation for effective addressing of donors
  • All online data is automatically sent directly to the CRM
  • Available in browsers, no installation required
  • Regular updates automatically and included
  • Integrated task management
The FundraisingBox CRM

Automatic account reconciliation

Use our innovative Bank Sync to link your existing bank account with the FundraisingBox. All incoming donations are automatically synchronized and assigned to the donors.

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Communication & donation service

Communicate efficiently & personally

You have full insight into all interactions with your supporters and are therefore always up to date. You can use this data to develop more successful campaigns and increase your donation sales. You can send emails, assign tasks and much more without leaving the FundraisingBox CRM.

Teamwork with the FundraisingBox Nonprofit CRM

Communication history

Keep everyone in the team up to date

Everyone in the team has a transparent view of all interactions - whether emails, phone calls or letters. From now on everyone in the team knows immediately whether and how a message has already been answered. In this way, supporters and partners always receive the attention they deserve.

Team inbox of the FundraisingBox donation management

Team inbox

A central mailbox for the whole team

A common email address is not always easy to manage. Who is responsible for answering an email? Has anyone else already replied? Link all of your team's e-mail addresses to the central mailbox in the FundraisingBox and keep track of things!

Documents and email templates from FundraisingBox

Donation service

Answer e-mails twice as fast

With the help of templates and pre-formulated answers that are automatically integrated into your FundraisingBox inbox, you can compose your e-mails twice as quickly as usual. This way, your supporters receive the desired answers faster - automatically personalized by variables. Also from the home office.

Connect e-mail tools to FundraisingBox donation management

Outlook & Co

Continue working with existing e-mail tools

Just continue working with your usual e-mail tool, e.g. Outlook or Gmail. With every e-mail you can decide for yourself whether you want to send the message to your fundraising box for storage and information for your team. This can be done very easily at the same time as sending the e-mail.

Create and send documents online with the FundraisingBox donation management

Serial letters

Create and send documents online

Store your personal stationery and create personalized and appealing form letters with just a few clicks. You can print this out, forward it to your printer or simply send it to your supporters directly from the FundraisingBox as an e-mail attachment.

Segmentation of donor groups with the FundraisingBox donor management


Address the appropriate recipient lists

Don't waste any more time combining data from separate tools and databases. With the integrated smart search, you can create targeted target group selections. In this way, you can start customized e-mail or letter campaigns quickly and easily. The connection of e-mail tools such as CleverReach is also possible.

Webinar: Get to know the FundraisingBox

In our free webinar you will learn how you can use the FundraisingBox CRM to build better donor relationships, keep track of all your donations, create and send automatic donation receipts and how you can get even more out of your campaigns .

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Teamwork & task management

Organize your tasks for perfect teamwork

For good teamwork, everyone must always be up-to-date and know who is doing what. The time-saving tools of the FundraisingBox CRM help your team to work more efficiently, to distribute tasks clearly and not to forget any to-dos. Receive all relevant information in real time and from anywhere. In this way you offer donors a transparent and smooth donation experience.

Integrated ticket system for inquiries from donors

With the e-mail inbox of the FundraisingBox, received e-mails to your nonprofit are automatically stored in the FundraisingBox. Every incoming e-mail generates a new task that can be assigned to the responsible member of your team. This means that inquiries from your supporters can be answered quickly and centrally.

Keep an overview of your own to-dos at all times

For each contact in your FundraisingBox, tasks can also be assigned manually for a specific point in time, e.g. B. 'Please call and thank supporters'. You always have an overview of all your tasks. If you receive tasks from your team, you will also be automatically informed by email.

Recognize open tasks for a contact

Each contact is designed so that you can see the most relevant information as well as the open tasks for this contact, even if the tasks are assigned to one of your colleagues. This means that what has already been done or what has to be done is transparent at all times.

Professionalize your donation support and save time!

We would be happy to advise you competently and without obligation on how you can manage donations efficiently and bind supporters to your organization.

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Use your time for the essentials

Increase the success and efficiency of your team by automating routine tasks and reducing administrative overhead. These features for automating tasks and processes as well as integrated best practices help you to work more productively and successfully:

Donation receipts automatically with FundraisingBox

Automatically create and send donation receipts

Tired of printing, bagging and waiting in line at the post office? Generate donation receipts at the push of a button and have them sent automatically. Regardless of whether by e-mail or letter. Just a few clicks of the mouse - done!

Thank you email with FundraisingBox

Thank you e-mails - automated and yet authentic

When it comes to personal thanks, it's the content that counts - not how it was sent. So concentrate on the right words and let your FundraisingBox automatically send you personalized thank you e-mails.

Duplicate management with the FundraisingBox Nonprofit CRM

Have data cleaned up automatically

Avoid duplicate donation records. With the integrated duplicate management, you can combine duplicates with just a few clicks. Automatic address validation and standardization of the notation keep your data clean and up-to-date at all times.

Automatic account reconciliation

With the help of Bank Sync you can easily link your bank account to the FundraisingBox. All incoming payments are synchronized as if by magic and automatically assigned to the donors.

Automatically validate donation data

Use our automatic data checker in your online donation forms to receive guaranteed correct donation data. It checks the correctness of name, address, IBAN and e-mail address live as you enter them. This saves you time-consuming data research.

"Your reliable and fail-safe fundraising database for efficient and elegant communication - because happy supporters donate more."

Mirjam Maier, co-founder of FundraisingBox

Central data

Save all the data of your NGO in a central system

Give your entire team access to all relevant data about your organization - even from home. With the FundraisingBox CRM, this data is stored securely and reliably in a central location and is only accessible to your team.

All contacts in one system with the FundraisingBox CRM

All relevant contacts in one system

Always keep track of your supporters, partners, sponsors and service providers. You can store every imaginable information about a contact, simply search or filter all data and see e.g. B. also the complete communication history that you had with a major donor up to then.

Monitor and manage donations

Monitor and process donations in real time

The FundraisingBox is not only a full-fledged CRM, but also your control center for all donations. Keep an eye on your donations at all times. You can, for example, edit standing orders or create new ones, create donation receipts or analyze donation campaigns. Graphical representations and filter options keep you up to date.

Data security and control with the FundraisingBox CRM

Secure access and full control

Data access to your FundraisingBox is absolutely secure at all times, because encryption and 2-factor authentication always comply with the latest standards and are GDPR-compliant. In addition, you have full control yourself and can define the rights of your team. Each of your users has their own account with personal login data and defined approvals and visibility.

All contacts in one system with the FundraisingBox CRM

Manage all fundraising channels centrally

The data from your online donation form will automatically flow into your FundraisingBox CRM . But you can also save your donations from other sources - direct bank transfers, transfer slips, cash donations, etc. - directly in the FundraisingBox. This saves you having to work with different tools and you always have a central overview of all data.

Monitor and manage donations

Easily create accurate selections

Thanks to the smart search in your FundraisingBox, you can easily search for the right contacts and donations with just a few clicks - and without advanced database knowledge. In this way you can create exact target groups in no time at all, which you can either write to directly from the FundraisingBox inbox or export as a list.

Data security and control with the FundraisingBox CRM

Get a better overview and analyze your contacts with tags

Create your own tags to quickly and easily organize your contacts into categories. This allows you to identify your VIP contacts, analyze sources, evaluate projects and campaigns and much more with just a few clicks.

Import and export your data with just a few clicks

We have made it very easy to import or export your existing data into the FundraisingBox CRM .

The possibility to receive statistics and evaluations on donors and incoming donations is an enormous enrichment and facilitation of work. With the FundraisingBox, we get to know our supporters even better, so to speak - a real treasure.

Horizont eV and FundraisingBox donation management

Christine Lindemann MA, Head of Office
Horizont e.V.

Since we have been using the FundraisingBox, we can concentrate on our actual task - communicating with our supporters.

wfd. Weltfriedensdienst and FundraisingBox donation management

Helge Swars, Donor Communication / Program Coordination
wfd. Weltfriedensdienst e.V.

I am very happy that we decided to go with the FundraisingBox. The FundraisingBox interfaces synchronise all online donor data directly with our own donor database.

CARE Germany-Luxembourg and FundraisingBox donation management

Stephanie Nicolai, Online Marketing Consultant
CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.

Our donors benefit from professional and individually tailored donor communication, as we can store relevant information in the FundraisingBox.

AMREF Germany and FundraisingBox donation management

Jannike Herlinghaus, Communication & Fundraising
AMREF Germany, Society for Medicine and Research in Africa eV

The FundraisingBox offers us, in addition to the pure address and donation management, numerous possibilities to communicate with our donors in a simple way. The internal communication options make it possible to easily integrate numerous of our volunteer employees into the work process.

Austrian Doctors and FundraisingBox donation management

Christian Gruber, board member (secretary) and founding member
Austrian Doctors

FundraisingBox Knowledge

The FundraisingBox is constantly being developed in close cooperation with small and large organizations and therefore it adapts to the functions, challenges and resources of your organization. All of this experience and knowledge is in the FundraisingBox and we make a lot of it available to you for free on our blog.

FundraisingBox Blog Tracking

Spend donations to get donations

Sustainable fundraising needs investments. Because fundraising needs resources so that it can increase them. In this article we explain why. We also explain how you can strategically generate more growth.

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FundraisingBox Blog Future of Giving

Data-Driven Fundraising: 11 Key Metrics

Fundraising is and will remain something very emotional. But data helps to make fundraising fact-based and target group-oriented. Here are some important metrics to help you analyze your actions:

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FundraisingBox Blog E-Payment

Use limited resources efficiently in nonprofits

Nonprofits are constantly caught between the need to operate effectively and the efficient use of donations. In most cases, time and financial resources are scarce. Digitization and automation can create a balance.

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What exactly does donation management mean?

Donations and donors have to be managed. For example, many donors expect donation receipts. As an organization, you therefore need efficient processes to create and send donation receipts. Various factors must be taken into account, for example a donation receipt must not be issued twice. The FundraisingBox ensures that collective receipts are created automatically and thus prevents duplicate donation receipts. You also have a full overview of all transactions and correspondence with your supporters in the FundraisingBox CRM.

What advantages does the FundraisingBox CRM tool offer?

Our CRM was specially developed for non-profits and helps you with many activities in everyday work. You see z. E.g. all information and donations of a contact at a glance and can create and send donation receipts with just a few clicks. You can also create a complete communication history for each contact and send it directly from CRM. Basically, our CRM helps you to maintain relationships with your donors - after all, after the donation is before the donation. The system is of course automatically linked to your digital donation channels, e.g. B. the donation form. Our CRM also makes teamwork easier - thanks to the integrated task management and a shared e-mail inbox. This is particularly helpful for caring for donors and answering inquiries. Of course, you can also create searches of any complexity and filter out exactly the contacts you need at the moment. There are also many extensions available, such as B. Address and IBAN validation available.

How do I set up the automatic thank you email?

Your FundraisingBox enables you to send an automated and personal "thank you" to your donors via email immediately after a successful donation. The thank you e-mail can be stored in the respective form settings and personalized with variables and if / esle instructions. You will find practical step-by-step instructions including a video in our help center.

Do I have to integrate my e-mail account into the FundraisingBox to send the thank you e-mail? Or is that sent as an alias?

You are the sender of the automatic thank you message. The e-mail in the donor's inbox does not cause any irritation, as it comes from you with your signature and not from external payment service providers.

How does the smart search work?

The smart search allows you to filter your data (e.g. contacts or transactions) taking into account a large number of different criteria. You can find out what you need to consider in the following video example .

Can I export and import data from the FundraisingBox?

Yes. Exports can be configured to suit the purpose of the export. You can import contact and transaction data very easily via CSV or Excel files. You can find out more about the structure of the import file in our Help Center . You will also find a practical video guide here.

Can I take my old data with me?

Naturally. Nobody wants to start from scratch. We are migrating from a large number of applications to the FundraisingBox.

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