Donation form - a guide


Donation forms are at the heart of your online fundraising. Be it a fundraising campaign, campaign or appeal for donations on Facebook - all fundraising channels ultimately direct donors to the donation form in order to record donation information and process the payment.

What are the features of a donation form for your website?

Your website visitors usually want to find out more about your organization's mission and projects. If this interest meets exciting and touching content, emotion arises and, in the best case, the need to help with a donation. Often with a permanent donation. Then it depends on a well-functioning donation form. Because your most important success metric here is the conversion rate: what percentage of those who call up your donation form also complete the donation?

Donation forms look simple. But the devil is in the details. See below what is important for a top conversion.

Structure of a smart donation form

Online donation form for online fundraising from FundraisingBox powered by Wikando GmbH

  1. rhythm
    The donation cycle indicates whether a donation should be made once or at regular intervals. In the case of long-term donations, we recommend aiming for a monthly rhythm versus quarterly or yearly. The volume of donations is on average almost four times higher than the annual donation cycle.
    Memberships can also be concluded very easily using donation forms with rhythm input.
  2. Proposed amounts
    Recommend a donation. This helps donors orientate themselves. For example, suggest the mean of the most frequent donations. Or you can even make several suggested amounts - experience has shown that donors will then choose the middle amount.
    tip: If you work with the FundraisingBox, recurring donations are recognized and intelligent suggestions for amounts are made based on your donation history. This means that you will receive higher donations on average.
  3. Donation Receipt
    When donating, you can choose whether you would like a donation receipt later. Here you can, for example, offer a single donation receipt for each donation or the annual variant, which summarizes all donations made during the year. Our recommendation: it is best to work with one Fundraising softwarebased on the entry made in the donation form automatically the donation receipts sent. This makes work considerably easier for you.
  4. Project assignment
    Give your supporters the opportunity to donate specific projects. This is how you emotionalise and give the opportunity to help in a very specific way. Of course, you should then regularly inform the donors about the progress of your chosen project. This gives you a good basis for an individual and relevant newsletter that will be read with a high degree of probability and will bind the donors to your organization.
  5. Personal data
    Here, the contact details of the donors are queried in the classic way. These are used to establish contact, but are also relevant when a donation receipt is requested (see point 3). You can also offer the option to enter a message for your organization at this point.
  6. Payment
    1. All payment methods
      Donors want to pay the way they are used to. Make sure you offer the most popular payment methods. For international campaigns, you should offer your supporters the local payment methods and currencies.
    2. Standing orders
      As described at the beginning, donors are often interested in long-term support for their organization. Make recurring payments as easy as possible and offer a variety of payment methods, such as SEPA, credit card, PayPal and Amazon Pay.
    3. 1-click donation
      Use intelligent donation forms that recognize returning donors and automatically fill in the payment details. In this way, you break down barriers to donation and increase the conversion rate by donating with just one click.

      If you would like to find out more about payment processing, take a look at the Payment cloud the FundraisingBox.
  7. Security certificate
    Data transmission over an encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Internet connection should be a matter of course.
  8. FundraisingBox seal
    Many donors are now familiar with the FundraisingBox logo under the donation form of various organizations and know that your data is 100% safe here. By using FundraisingBox donation forms and the associated seal, you create trust immediately.
  9. Donate button
    After entering the data, clicking on the donation button is the final trigger for the donation. Initially underestimated as an inconspicuous element, it is worth taking a closer look here: Use A / B testing to compare different colors, shapes and also call to actions. Because experience shows that even small changes have a big impact on the conversion.

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How do you get a donation form on your website?

You can program donation forms yourself. But for reasons of data security alone, building it yourself is often not worthwhile - at least since the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the requirements for the collection and storage of data have increased to such an extent that a corresponding solution can only be implemented in-house with great effort. We therefore recommend the use of fundraising software that not only provides the donation form out of the box, but also includes the associated fundraising database and takes care of all data protection issues for you.

In addition, such donation forms can be integrated into your website in a matter of minutes and often include a variety of payment methods in the package.

The topic can quickly become complex, especially if you are just starting out with digital fundraising . Therefore we are happy to help you if you have any questions.

Design of donation forms

In order for the donation form to fit in well on your website, it is important that you can freely adapt the design. You are particularly free to design if the donation form supports CSS and Javascript.

In practice, single and multi-level donation forms are used. The visual effect is very different. Multi-level donation forms may seem more appealing at first glance. But the same applies here: A / B testing is essential, because even the smallest changes can affect the conversion.

Tip : single-step forms performed better in comparison tests.

Online donation form single and multi-level from FundraisingBox powered by Wikando GmbH

International donation forms

Donation forms should be able to be displayed in several languages and support a wide variety of currencies. Only then can you carry out international campaigns and guarantee a perfect donation experience across national borders.

Mobile ready - donation forms with device recognition

We generally recommend responsive donation forms that recognize the screen size on which they are currently being accessed and optimize themselves automatically. Especially on small mobile phone screens, it is important that the input remains clear and intuitive. Intelligent donation forms automatically hide less important fields on small screens. Unnecessary design elements, such as drop-down lists, can also be automatically hidden on mobile devices. The aim should be to reduce the number of fields to a minimum, depending on the screen size. Thus, the view and handling are optimized for the user and enable easy and quick donations - for a maximum conversion rate even in mobile use.

Donation forms and automatic thank you

Everyone is happy about a thank you. Upon receipt of the donation, a thank you message should be sent to the donor immediately. This recognizes your contribution and you will also remember your organization positively in the future - for example, if you want to support charitable work again with a donation.

Tip : use fundraising software that automatically sends out personalized thanks. That keeps your back free in everyday office life.

Donation form for clubs

Associations base many of their activities on donations. Here, too, it pays to offer website visitors a well-converting donation form and make donations a joy for your supporters. And your own - because the club's treasury will thank you for it.

Tip on the security of donation forms

Experience shows that donation forms with sandbox technology are particularly secure. This creates a dedicated high-security area within your website. In this way, you can process both personal information and payment data on your website without your own server or content management system coming into contact with this data.

This procedure corresponds to the recommendation of the Federal Office for Information Security and the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology. Because both the most frequently used CMS systems such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and Typo3, as well as their underlying servers are often not adequately maintained and protected. According to the latest study, the content management system alone requires manual security effort of 15 minutes a day to make it as secure as possible and to keep it up to date.

FundraisingBox donation forms work exclusively with sandbox technology. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

At a glance -
6 tips for donation forms with maximum conversion

  1. Use intelligent suggested amounts

  2. Offer all popular payment methods

  3. Offer recurring payments
  4. Use donation recognition
  5. Use A / B testing
  6. Use device detection

Collect more donations now with online donation forms!

Find out here how you can integrate donation forms on your own website in just a few minutes.

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