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About the importance of online fundraising

Online fundraising has developed steadily over the past few years and has become indispensable for many organizations. Younger target groups in particular can now be reached almost exclusively via the Internet. There are now a large number of instruments and channels to use the Internet for fundraising and to interact with donors. Emails, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, or your own website are just a few examples.

Online fundraising offers many advantages, both for organizations and for donors. Organizations benefit above all from inexpensive communication channels, target group-oriented placement of advertising and a high potential range. For donations, online channels offer a convenient alternative to donating using a transfer slip. With just a few clicks, users can find out more about projects and, if interested, become supporters themselves.

Ideally, organizations should use many online fundraising instruments at the same time in order to address donors through as many channels as possible. The FundraisingBox tools help you to achieve maximum success with your campaigns.

By the way: online fundraising is part of the generic term digital fundraising . Online fundraising often only means collecting donations using the donation form on an organization's website. Digital fundraising, on the other hand, also includes the use of a variety of digital channels for fundraising, e.g. tablet fundraising, donation shops, collecting donations via Amazon Alexa, event fundraising, Facebook donations and much more.

Online fundraising through email marketing

Email marketing is still seen as a promising online fundraising measure. Whether it is the acquisition of new donors, the reactivation of former donors or the improvement of donor loyalty - there is hardly a more effective and at the same time cheaper instrument. The ease of personalization offers a further advantage.

The fundraising box makes collecting donations by e-mail particularly convenient: the donation button is integrated directly into your e-mails. For known donors, the payment data is entered automatically and the donation is triggered immediately by simply clicking on the amount and confirmation (if you want to find out more about 1-click donation , take a look at our payment cloud ).

More reach for your online fundraising through social media

In the digital age, social media are becoming more and more indispensable for organizations. In the area of online fundraising, these primarily offer the possibility of communication, interaction and exchange with potential donors.

Basically, when it comes to online fundraising, a healthy foundation of trust is essential for donors. Here, social media offer the opportunity to build up and maintain such a basis of trust through personal contact. For example, current reports, photos, videos and much more from current projects can be posted to create transparency for users.

The presence in social media provides a good basis for online fundraising to promote your project.

In addition, social networks enable target group-specific display of advertisements, which means that your own online fundraising campaign can be advertised explicitly and individually.

Your own website as the most important tool in online fundraising

Of course, there is also the option of starting an online fundraising campaign on your own website. All you need to do is integrate a donation form with a donation button on your own website.

This form of online fundraising makes it possible to offer a lot of information about ongoing projects and to keep donors up to date at a central point.

In combination with an appealing website, online fundraising offers the opportunity to generate donations via its own website and to retain donations with the help of constantly updated content and campaigns.

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