All On The Same Page -
One Donation Form For All Your Online Fundraising

No forks or redirects leading site visitors to separate donation forms according to payment method. Keeping it simple increases conversions - one form, all options.

Online Spendenformular

Online donation forms
with 100% flexible design

We make any design possible. For example, single-step or multi-step donation forms, with standard or user-defined fields. Choose our default layout or style your donation form with CSS. Benefit from connection to the latest payment methods and the superior data security of the FundraisingBox.

One form for regular and single donations

Our forms are perfect for single AND regular donations. Choose which intervals, such as monthly or yearly, to offer your donors. Offer more than just direct debit for regular donations - for instance credit card.

Spendenformular für wiederkehrende Zahlungen

One-click donations with donor recognition

We make sure that online donations are even more user-friendly: The FundraisingBox recognises returning donors. The donation form is then automatically pre-filled with the donor's details - including payment option and the most recently donated amount. The donor simply needs to click on confirm and the donation is made!

Spendenformulare mit Ein-Klick-Spende

Instant donation via newsletter

Collect online donations through e-mail: Send your subscribers newsletters with built-in donation buttons. The payment details are automatically loaded and the donor triggers the transaction by a simple click on the amount and confirming.

Sofortspende für Newsletter

Your donation form in
any language or currency 

Spendenformulare in beliebigen Sprachen Spendenformulare in beliebigen Währungen

Whatever your frontend language, your FundraisingBox donation form speaks it too.
Furthermore, you can set a FundraisingBox account to any currency.

Set up forms for any custom purpose

Whether classic online donation forms, forms for memberships or sponsorships, a donation shop, or a donation form integrated into your Facebook page - The FundraisingBox is more versatile than any other solution on the market. See some examples of our forms in daily use here.

Charity shop

Spendenformular für Spendenshop – Care

Gift sponsorship

Spendenformular für Geschenkpatenschaft – NABU

Facebook donation form

Facebook Spendenformular – Islamic Relief


Spendenformular für Mitgliedschaft – Pro Asylum


Spendenformular für Patenschaft – Bread for the World

What our customers say

"With the FundraisingBox, it is not only possible to quickly and easily integrate donation forms in any number of our websites, but also to design and customise them freely."

FundraisingBox Kundenzitat zum Spendenformular Ulrike Pelzl Mag.a Ulrike Pelzl,
Online Marketing LIGHT FOR THE WORLD - Christoffel Development Cooperation

"The flexible and easy integration of donation forms makes the FundraisingBox particularly attractive. Also high traffic is handled perfectly. If you have any questions or problems, the support is always there and helps you in a friendly and competent way."

FundraisingBox Kundenzitat zum Spendenformular Marta Rittershofen Marta Rittershofen,
Online Fundraising PETA Germany