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Climate subscriptions: How ForTomorrow buys up emission certificates with the help of the FundraisingBox

ForTomorrow is an innovative concept for environmental protection - and the FundraisingBox helps.

With ForTomorrow, Ruth von Heusinger has developed an innovative concept for environmental protection: The non-profit GmbH collects donations through climate subscriptions. With these she withdraws emission certificates from the market and plants trees in Germany. The FundraisingBox provides the digital infrastructure for this.

Climate protection has not only been an important topic since Fridays for Future. Although various measures are already being taken, too little is being done about global warming. "If we continue like this, our earth will be 1.5 degrees hotter in seven years." , explains Ruth von Heusinger. That is why she founded ForTomorrow gGmbH in December 2019, which ventures into an area that was previously only available to industry: emissions trading.

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Ruth von Heusinger founded ForTomorrow gGmbH in December 2019.

In this way, private individuals can get involved in trading certificates.

"There are many offsetting providers, but none who are forcing the EU to operate in a more climate-friendly way and taking CO2 out of the air through new trees in the EU." , von Heusinger explains her innovative concept. It works like this: private individuals can donate regularly via the ForTomorrow climate subscription and thus offset their own CO2 emissions. With the donation, half of the CO2 emissions will be offset by planting new trees in Germany, the other half by buying and closing down European emission certificates. These certificates entitle companies in the EU to emit CO2. They give environmental pollution a price, the available amount is continuously reduced in accordance with the climate targets.

ForTomorrow therefore withdraws these certificates from the market with the help of the donations, thereby making them more expensive. This increases the operating costs of environmentally harmful industries unless they invest in more climate-friendly production methods. This process is described in detail in this article by Basic Thinking.

Implementation: Climate subscriptions with the FundraisingBox

Ruth von Heusinger is based on the lean start-up method and the component model from Professor Faltin. The idea is to use funds that are already on the market to save time and money. "Thanks to the FundraisingBox, we were able to get started with the climate subscriptions straight away and test whether people think our concept is good at all without a large initial investment." , she tells. You do it: The climate subscriptions have been available since March 2020 and ForTomorrow already has around 100 climate subscribers after six months.

“The nice thing about the fundraising box is that you can scale with it. We pay exactly what we really need at the respective stage of development and thus have more money for the purpose of our company - climate protection. " , von Heusinger explains her decision in favor of our product. ForTomorrow uses our online donation form for the three different climate subscriptions and for individual donations. These donations can then be managed directly in the connected CRM. The forms are available at ForTomorrow in German and English and have been individually adapted to the company's design:

Climate subscriptions ForTomorrow

The three climate subscriptions of ForTomorrow gGmbH

Ruth von Heusinger particularly appreciates this flexibility in the FundraisingBox forms : “A lot is possible with these forms. Also individual variables, with which we can, for example, precisely assign how many trees were planted as a result of a certain donation and how many emission rights were set aside. " This is shown using a simple slider with which donors can immediately see the impact of their donation:

Climate subscriptions ForTomorrow

Easy and quick start

The FundraisingBox forms can be integrated quickly and easily into a website. When asked about the technical implementation challenges, Ruth von Heusinger explains: “Involving the payment service providers was a bit of a challenge. What worked immediately and without any problems was the credit card payment via Stripe. The direct debit procedure was more difficult to implement. And since we have recurring monthly payments thanks to the subscription model, PayPal was also more cumbersome. In all of this, however, we received great support from the FundraisingBox staff and were able to implement the payment processes much faster than it would have worked without the FundraisingBox. This is where the wealth of experience and the network of the FundraisingBox employees help. "

ForTomorrow relies on digital fundraising - for the environment

Since the earth has already heated up so much, it is no longer enough to compensate for just a single flight, says von Heusinger. Everyone has to live climate-neutrally as quickly as possible. But that's not that easy: After all, we are all dependent on public infrastructure and as a result we emit CO2. This is exactly where the climate subscriptions come in, because your own footprint can be reduced with the donations. ForTomorrow relies on a purely digital fundraising strategy with the FundraisingBox, because: "Every piece of paper was once a tree." as von Heusinger puts it in a nutshell.

We think that ForTomorrow not only pursued a great idea and implemented it optimally - the gGmbH also uses our online donation forms creatively and efficiently. We are happy and grateful to be part of this important initiative!

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