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How the German Sports Aid Foundation collects donations with online games

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What do the Corona crisis, Summer Olympics and online donations have in common? It's simple: the German Sports Aid Foundation , the use of the Agency The Cookie Labs and the donation form the FundraisingBox has a challenging situation creatively exploited to raise funds and to open up a new audience. You can find out how they achieved this in this article.

Support for athletes

The Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation has been supporting young and top athletes on their way to success for more than 50 years. It currently supports around 4,000 athletes from more than 50 sports through career planning, personal development and financial support. They are quite successful at this: Nine out of ten German medals in international competitions are won by athletes sponsored by Sporthilfe. The organization can be proud of its work: 350 gold medals at the Paralympics and 261 gold medals at the Olympic Games! And here we have come to the topic:

No Summer Olympics because of Corona

The Summer Olympics are of course particularly important for the Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation as one of the greatest sports highlights - both for the organization's athletes and for the non-profit itself. That the 2020 Games are not going as planned due to the Covid-19 pandemic could take place in Tokyo, the organization faced a problem: A summer without games was out of the question for the German Sports Aid Foundation. So they came up with the creative idea of simply organizing their own games. With digital offers you use the sport-free summer to collect support for your athletes. Under the motto “Together” you created the “social-distancing-compliant”, digital campaign #sporthilfespiele, which, in addition to exciting social media challenges and the 1st virtual donation run on September 5th + 6th, also includes a fun online game .

Gamification for a good cause

The Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation was looking for an idea through which it could digitally draw attention to its work and reach new target groups. Together with the Munich agency The Cookie Labs, they designed the concept for an online game. Despite the ban on contact, it enables people to interact together, have fun and at the same time playfully support the sponsorship work of Deutsche Sporthilfe. In the game, players can demonstrate their manual dexterity in three different modes: running, jumping and chasing. It can be played very easily in the browser or on smartphones and tablets.

Donation form from Fundraisingbox at the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe

#sporthilfespiele online game

The FundraisingBox's online donation form was integrated directly into the online game. The Cookie Labs agency used an intelligent interface to convert the game result achieved into a donation amount and to transfer it directly to the form. In this way, a direct connection was created between the game and the donation, which not only rounds off the user experience, but also encourages “finger sports” top performances. With CSS, the agency also optically adapted the donation form to the game design: a very well-rounded affair.

Online donation form from Fundraisingbox at Stifting Deutsche Sporthilfe

The online donation form of the FundraisingBox in an adapted design

Attract attention on digital channels

In order that new supporters can now also be reached in accordance with the target, accompanying measures are of course required to ensure the necessary attention. The hashtag #sporthilfespiele is communicated on the social media channels of the Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation and on the pages of athletes, partners and fans. There is also a dedicated landing page that provides all information about the #sporthilfespiele. The non-profit also uses the advertising of the campaign via newsletters, social ads and postal mailings. A competition is also planned - of course linked to the daily high score in the online game - which should generate even more attention and engagement.

Athletes motivate to participate
Athletes motivate to participate with social media challenges

Landing page of the German Sports Aid Foundation

Landing page of #sporthilfespiele with a lot of information and video content

First successes

As the campaign is still ongoing, no final results can be shown yet. But what is already clear: The commitment to the campaign is very high. The hashtag #sporthilfespiele has already been used over 3,000 times on social media. The users who come to the Deutsche Sporthilfe website via the campaign landing page visit an average of 5 pages and spend an average of around 3 minutes per session. So you deal extensively with the work of Deutsche Sporthilfe.

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