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That's why uses the FundraisingBox is a successful and well-known campaign platform that collects donations online with the FundraisingBox. In an interview with Adina Frohloff, we asked, among other things, how they use our products:

FundraisingBox Use Case


We program out of passion, but not for an end in itself. Rather, we would like to support the work of non-profits in order to be able to contribute a small part to make the world a little better. So that we can provide useful, practical and innovative fundraising software, we are in constant contact with our customers.

In addition to our donation form , also uses our CRM , Bank Sync and our automatic direct debit process Wikando direct debit . We spoke to Adina Frohloff from and asked her how they use our software and why they chose us:

Please tell us a little about your organization and the mission that moves you.

AF: is the world's largest campaign platform. We enable people to change the world in a positive way. More than 7 million people in Germany are currently using the platform, changing their environment campaign by campaign - locally, nationally and globally. We are an independent association based in Berlin and have a license agreement with the international social enterprise PBC, which is oriented towards the common good. With our expertise, we support the campaigns of users in Germany.

Adina Frohloff from is a satisfied customer of the FundraisingBox

In times of digital networking, a single person can trigger a social movement. The best example is Greta Thunberg, who started the global movement Fridays for Future with her protest in front of the Swedish parliament. Dominic Kis and Pascal Fouquet started the movement against upload filters and for a free internet via a petition on The campaign brought thousands of people to the streets across Europe in 2019. We believe that by acting together, people begin to trust their own capabilities again and to advance society. This is what we are committed to day in and day out.

With the powerful platform and our campaign expertise in the association, we support committed people so that they can intervene and network with one another quickly, easily and at any time.

Why did you choose the FundraisingBox?

AF: At eV we almost exclusively do online fundraising . There are no paper mailings, no street fundraising (face to face), no event fundraising. Therefore, we were looking for a competent service provider who knows the needs of online fundraising and offers safe and reliable tools. With the FundraisingBox we not only get the right tools for the successful implementation of our online fundraising activities, but also appreciate the professional support and exchange on an equal footing.

FundraisingBox screen

Everyone can start their own campaign on the campaign platform.

How do you use our products? Which features do you value most?

AF: We can securely manage all donor data in one place via the affiliated CRM of the FundraisingBox. Incoming online donations are automatically fed into the FundraisingBox. For donations that reach us by other means (e.g. direct transfers to our account), there is an import function that can be used to transfer the data to the FundraisingBox. The function is to be simplified even further, which we are very pleased about. (Note FB: you can read more about Banksync here )

We can access the FundraisingBox at any time and from different locations, with access being well protected. The only thing we need is a stable internet connection.

In addition, the FundraisingBox accompanies us throughout our day-to-day work. Here are just a few examples:

  • Donation tracking to evaluate our online fundraising activities
  • extensive search functions for donor segmentation
  • Standardization of communication through templates
  • Automatic thank-you letter upon successful donation
  • Assignment of tags to categorize and group our contacts
  • Donation forms that can be individually tailored to us
  • Automatic payment processing of all online donations
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The donation form from

How do our products support your work?

AF: The FundraisingBox helps us with the planning, implementation and evaluation of our online fundraising activities.

Has the corona crisis affected your work? Can the FundraisingBox products help during this time?

AF: The corona pandemic is still affecting our work. Almost all colleagues work from home. The FundraisingBox offers the great advantage that you can access it at any time and from anywhere. No complicated software installation is necessary. We only need the internet connection already mentioned.

Can you give an example of one campaign that was particularly successful because of our products?

AF: There is no such thing as one successful campaign. Rather, we appreciate the FundraisingBox as a reliable partner in everyday work.

Did the FundraisingBox increase your donations from digital channels?

AF: From month to month 🙂 enables everyone to bring about change in this world. Thanks to the campaign platform, everyone can stand up for their heartfelt concern. We are happy to be a small part of this ambitious mission!


Thank you very much, - for your commitment and your trust in us!

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