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How Aktion Deutschland Hilft uses the FundraisingBox

Aktion Deutschland Hilft has been using the FundraisingBox successfully for many years. We spoke to Thilo Reichenbach and Martin Hodsman about their work and their digital fundraising:

FundraisingBox Use Case Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Please tell us a little about Aktion Deutschland Hilft and the mission that moves you.

TR: Aktion Deutschland Hilft is an alliance of over 20 aid organizations that provide vital emergency and disaster aid in the event of major crises and disasters. We believe that people affected by natural disasters or humanitarian crises have the right to solidarity and rapid assistance.
In addition to joint and coordinated emergency and disaster relief, disaster risk management is another important pillar of our work. Because disaster risk reduction projects prevent suffering before it happens.

We pool many social forces for humanitarian aid at home and abroad. We unite denominational, non-denominational, large and small organizations in an alliance and thus reflect the plurality of society. The donations and aid actions of every single citizen, the support of politics, clubs, associations and municipalities and, last but not least, the commitment of small and large companies that believe in the principle of solidarity-based trade make this help possible.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft donation campaign

How did you come across the FundraisingBox, or why did you look for digital fundraising solutions like ours? Why did you choose the FundraisingBox?

TR: We have been working with Wikando for more than ten years now. It all started in 2010 when one of the co-founders of Wikando introduced us to the peer-to-peer platform Helpedia and the fundraising tool that can be integrated into our website. We were immediately enthusiastic about the opportunity for supporters to start a fundraising campaign for Aktion Deutschland Hilft together with their friends and thus to become brand ambassadors and fundraisers themselves.

When Johnny Häusler, a well-known blogger, became aware of our fundraising tool fundraising tool on the occasion of the earthquake in Haiti and collected over 27,000 euros together with his readers, it was an important moment for us to realize what a big one - and for a long time There is still untapped potential in peer-to-peer fundraising, which has so far been quite unknown in Germany. Even then, the fundraising campaigns worked without any problems and the new type of community-based fundraising not only impressed us, but also our donors. Donors can leave a comment with every donation. These comments are a great counterpoint to hate and hate speech on social media.

Thilo Reichenbach uses the FundraisingBox
Thilo Reichenbach from Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Online fundraisers are helping make social media what it should be - prosocial media.

Since we were increasingly dissatisfied with the possibilities and innovative strength of our donation form provider at the time, the switch to Wikando was a logical next step. We have been using the donation form since 2014. We haven't regretted the change for a second. On the contrary. The decision to work with Wikando / Fundraisingbox turned out to be spot on.

Martin Hodsman uses the FundraisingBox
Martin Hodsman from Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Which FundraisingBox products do you use and how do you use them? Which functions do you value most?

TR: We are currently using the donation form , online fundraising campaigns and gift donations.

We really appreciate the intuitive operation of the backend and frontend. As intuitive as forms and action tools are for donors, they are also intuitive for colleagues.

The integration of new payment methods such as Sofortüberweisung (now Klarna) or Amazon Pay went smoothly and the service provided by the Wikando team is always top-notch.

With increasing brand awareness and the increase in donations, it was and is extremely important for Aktion Deutschland Hilft to be able to offer donors a secure and 100% reliable payment system. As an alliance of 22 aid organizations, Aktion Deutschland Hilft provides emergency aid in major disasters. Even if disasters cannot be foreseen, one can still be prepared.

It is essential for us that our website is highly available in the event of a disaster and we expect the same from our donation form. This page is one of the most important pages of the website for an almost 100% donation-financed organization like Aktion Deutschland Hilft. If, for example, the ARD Tagesschau calls for donations in favor of our alliance, the form must be fully available at all times. Because a downtime of just a few minutes in such a case can quickly cost five to six-figure donations. Donations that are then no longer available for humanitarian aid.

In the many years of cooperation, the Fundraisingbox has proven to be a highly reliable partner in whose competence and technology, after many years of experience and over half a million transactions, we can fully trust. But we are also looking forward to the many things that are still to come, because we know that Peter Kral and his team always keep an eye on current developments such as Apple Pay , donations by voice and much more. And that they will continue to provide us with the technology that will enable our donors to support our joint humanitarian aid quickly and without friction.

You are using our fundraising tool very successfully. What measures do you use to make your supporters aware of this possibility?

MH: We have placed numerous links to online fundraising campaigns on our website. We're also happy to highlight good examples of online fundraisers. To this end, we dedicate articles to them on our website and publish posts on social media and via our newsletter. There is also a section entitled "Fundraising Campaign of the Month" . In addition to thanking the initiators, we always combine these contributions with the call to start your own collections. We have also put a note about online fundraising campaigns in our email binders and experimented a little with Facebook advertising and advertorials. The marketing of the fundraising campaigns can definitely be expanded and should be further intensified.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft explains the fundraising tool on their website with an explanatory video
Aktion Deutschland Hilft explains the fundraising tool on their website with an explanatory video

Did the donation campaigns lead to an increase in donation income or amount or a change in the donor structure (new target groups, etc.)?

MH: Measured against our total donation volume, the donations generated via online fundraising campaigns only play a subordinate role, but the value of every online fundraising campaign that is started lies in the supporter's vote of confidence. When someone asks friends and family for donations to our alliance on the occasion of their birthday, we are very happy to be able to provide a powerful tool for this. And individual campaigns, be it from private donors or companies that want to donate together with their employees, can reach five-figure sums. More important than the monetary end result of a fundraiser is that people can help other people together and with joy. This is what makes online fundraisers so valuable.

You also used our new feature "Gift donations" very soon. What do you like about it?

MH: For several years now, we have been offering our donors the opportunity to give away donations as gift certificates at Christmas. By 2020 we have sent these certificates manually - digitally or printed out by post. The response from our donors to this opportunity has been very positive.

In this sense, we were very happy when the FundraisingBox offered the new feature. What we particularly like about this feature is that we can save a considerable amount of work compared to manually creating and sending gift certificates. We also like the easy comprehensibility of the form, including the certificate preview, and the ability to offer our donors several motifs to choose from.

ADh gift certificate created with the FundraisingBox
The gift certificates are very popular with donors from Aktion Deutschland Hilft.

How did you implement the gift donations?

MH: We have set up a separate donation form by pre-setting the option of sending a gift certificate. We have designed three images for this form. We have included this on a landing page for donations on the occasion of Christmas. Our conclusion for the feature and this type of implementation on our website: Very good! Many donors used this form during the Christmas season. The donation process including the sending of the gift certificates worked flawlessly.

Advertisement from Aktion Deutschland Hilft

This ad was placed by Aktion Deutschland Hilft in the star supplement “Lametta”

Thank you Thilo and Martin - for your trust in us and your indispensable work. We are happy and proud to be a part of it!

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