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More help for seriously ill children thanks to the AKM foundation's donation shop

The Munich Ambulant Children's Hospice Foundation has been using our digital fundraising solutions for many years: from the online donation form to the payment cloud. You have now set up a donation shop that shows your donors the impact of their donations in a creative way. Simone Kraus, head of fundraising at the AKM Foundation, tells us about the motivation for a donation shop and its implementation:

Donation shop of the Munich Ambulatory Children's Hospice Foundation

Give help with a donation - in the new donation shop of the AKM Foundation

Since 2004 we, the Foundation Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (AKM), have been looking after families with terminally ill and life-threatening seriously ill unborn babies, newborns, children, adolescents and young adults in Munich and throughout Bavaria. Our team of full-time doctors, psychologists, nurses, curative teachers, therapists and social workers is supported by over 300 volunteers in the areas of family support, crisis intervention and public relations. Our goal is to be a solid support to affected families in these difficult times and to give them moments of security, security and normalcy. In order to achieve this, we are dependent on donations, because only about a third of our services are subsidized by the health insurance companies.

The donation shop simply explained

This is how it works: A donation shop simply explained.

A new way to donate to the AKM

After months of planning and numerous hours of text and graphics, at the end of 2020 we were able to offer our donors a new online donation option in addition to our previous online donation tools, the FundraisingBox : the AKM donation shop . There you have the opportunity to symbolically donate gifts to the AKM Foundation and thus to the families we care for.

AKM's donation shop with three donation items

Three of the donation items in the donation shop of the AKM Foundation

The gifts offered there represent products / services that we need and offer as part of the daily foundation work in our operational service areas. The special feature: When donating a symbolic gift in the donation shop, donors receive a donation certificate to print out (and give away) - regardless of whether for Christmas, for a birthday or without a reason.

Why a donation shop?

So far, interested donors have had the option, among other things, of making an individual donation to the AKM Foundation by bank transfer or using our online forms. With a donation in the donation shop you can make a friend, family member or work colleague happy and give them the feeling of benefit by giving away your donation with a lovingly designed donation certificate.

At the same time, we would like to help as many families as possible with seriously or terminally ill children and adolescents or one sick parent in the future and expand our support offers. We therefore hope that the donation shop will generate additional donations from 2021, which will make this possible - and also protect us in the corona crisis.

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Example: This is what the donation certificate looks like, which can be passed on after a donation through the AKM Donation Shop Foundation.

Implementation with the FundraisingBox charity shop

We have been using the FundraisingBox as an administration tool for our donor data and incoming donations for years. Donations via the online donation form are also included here, as well as donations from online fundraising campaigns or standard transfers that are synchronized with the FundraisingBox. With the FundraisingBox's charity shop, all donations that are received via our new donation shop are now managed in it. In the checkout, i.e. from the point at which donors have placed their chosen gifts for our foundation in the shopping cart and want to pay for them, the donation form of the FundraisingBox is used. From here, all data (personal data of the donor, selected gifts, donation amount) flow into the FundraisingBox and can thus be managed and evaluated by us together with all other donations. The payment process remains the same across all of the AKM Foundation's online donation options, including in the donation shop.

Because every cent counts: small and large donations

Our donation shop can be reached at The offers shown there and the materials required range from a hygiene protection set for a small amount of € 2.50 to a sibling day for € 600. After donors have selected their gift (s) and "paid" for them using the online form, they will receive a personalized thank you e-mail and their donation certificate, with an individual greeting message for the recipient of the certificate, if desired. A wonderful way to make others happy and do something good at the same time. And our supporters also see it this way: As part of our Christmas campaign 2020, the donation shop was already very well received - in November & December 2020 alone, 1,280 gifts from private individuals and companies were given away in the donation shop. We are very happy about it!

Hand in hand to the new donation shop

At this point we would like to thank the FundraisingBox team, who have accompanied us over the past few months and ensured that the donation process ran smoothly over the Christmas period. I would also like to thank the NeoDesign Agency , who also supported us in the implementation of the donation shop, programmed it for us and made it work in coordination with the FundraisingBox.

- Simone Kraus, Head of Fundraising Foundation Ambulant Children's Hospice Munich

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