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Entdecken Sie erfolgreiche Fundraising Beispiele. Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Kund*innen, ihre Erfahrungen, wie sie die FundraisingBox nutzen und welche Projekte sie umsetzen.

Unsere Kund*innen

So unterschiedlich unsere Non-Profit-Kund*innen auch sind, sie alle eint der Wunsch, diese Welt besser zu machen. Das ist, was uns verbindet.

  • ADH LogoAktion Deutschland Hilft Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Sea-Watch logoSea-Watch Quote URL FundraisingBox
  • Die Arche LogoDie Arche Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Berliner Tafel LogoBerliner Tafel Zitat ueber FundraisingBox
  • Jesuitenmission LogoJesuitenmission Zitat ueber FundraisingBox
  • Horsearound LogoHorsearound Zitat ueber FundraisingBox
  • CARE LogoCARE Zitat FundraisingBox
  • UN Women LogoUN Women Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Kinderhospiz München LogoKinderhospiz München Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Sea Shepherd LogoSea Shepherd Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Herzenssache LogoHerzenssache Zitat Fundraising
  • Hilfsgemeinschaft Blinde Sehschwache LogoHilfsgemeinschaft Blinde Sehschwache Zitat Fundraising
  • Action against hunger logoAction against hunger Quote URL FundraisingBox
  • Islamic Relief LogoIslamic Relief Zitat FundraisingBox
  • SOS Kinderdorf LogoSOS Kinderdorf Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Klinik Clowns LogoKlinik Clowns Zitat FundraisingBox
  • ForTomorrows LogoForTomorrow Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Arche Nova LogoArche Nova Zitat FundraisingBox
  • MisereorLogoMisereor quote url FundraisingBox
  • Vegane Gesellschaft AT LogoVegane Gesellschaft AT Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Ärzte der Welt LogoÄrzte der Welt Zitat FundraisingBox
  • Oxfam LogoOxfam Zitat FundraisingBox
  • NABU LogoNABU Zitat FundraisingBox
  • People for People LogoMenschen für Menschen Zitat FundraisingBox
  • und viele mehr Kunden FundraisingBox

Use cases

Read here how our customers use the FundraisingBox:

Donation shop of the AKM Munich developed with the FundraisingBox

More help for seriously ill children through the AKM donation shop

The Munich Ambulant Children's Hospice Foundation has been using our digital fundraising solutions for many years: from the online donation form to the payment cloud. Now they have set up a donation shop. learn more

FundraisingBox Use Case Action Germany helps

Digital Fundraising

Aktion Deutschland Hilft has been using the FundraisingBox successfully for many years. We talked to Thilo Reichenbach and Martin Hodsman about their work and their digital fundraising: find out more

Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe uses the FundraisingBox

Collect donations with online games

This is how digital fundraising works: During the Corona crisis, Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe made creative use of a challenging situation to raise funds and tap into a new target group. learn more uses the FundraisingBox

Collect donations online is a successful and well-known campaign platform that collects donations online with the FundraisingBox. In an interview with Adina Frohloff we asked how they use our products: find out more

The NCT implements donation campaigns with the FundraisingBox

Tremendous virality: charity run

The National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg was successful with a virtual charity run. Here we'll show you how. learn more

ForTomorrow uses the FundraisingBox

Climate subscriptions for environmental protection

ForTomorrow is an innovative concept for environmental protection. We show you how ForTomorrow buys up emission certificates with the help of the FundraisingBox. learn more

Best practice examples

Let yourself be inspired by best practice examples from our customers:


Charity runs for HelpAge Germany

The humanitarian and development aid organization advocates the needs and rights of older people around the world. It combats poverty and discrimination in old age. With our fundraising tool, supporters can easily organize their own charity runs and collect valuable donations for the work of HelpAge. In our opinion a great idea!


Collect donations for Doctors Without Borders Germany

Supporters can start their own fundraising campaigns on the website with just a few clicks. The donations will benefit the worldwide medical aid projects of Doctors Without Borders. We especially like the way the organization uses our fundraising tool: They have adapted it to the design of their website with a little bit of their own CSS and JavaScript.


Donate online for the Sea-Watch rescue at sea

The organization works with volunteers from across Europe to save refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean. You will also create publicity for the topic and encourage people to stand up for one another. Your important work can be supported easily and uncomplicated via our online donation form, which you can adapt to your CI color with just a few clicks.

Sea Shepherd

Protect the oceans by donating online to Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd has long been committed to protecting biodiversity and marine ecosystems. They detect illegal activities at sea and do not hesitate to act directly to stop them. You can support them easily via their online donation form in the FundraisingBox, which is fully adapted to their CI. It integrates harmoniously into the rest of the site and we like it exceptionally well.

Sea Shepherd

Sign up for animal sponsorships online at Zoo Berlin

With around 1,200 different animal species, Berlin Zoo is the most species-rich zoo in the world. He is not only committed to their sustainable protection, but also inspires his visitors for nature and animals. You can choose an animal sponsorship via the website, which is then automatically transferred to the form. Gift sponsorships are also possible through custom form fields.

action medeor

Give medical help in the action medeor donation shop

action medeor brings medical care to all corners of the world. Your mission is to ensure that no one dies from treatable diseases. You can support the ambitious goal via the donation shop, where you can, for. B. can symbolically donate medication or hygiene kits. We like the implementation of our charity shop very much, because the design adapts nicely to the side and illustrates the purpose of the donation particularly well.

action medeor

Get online membership with the Austrian Red Cross

The Austrian Red Cross takes care of people in need and socially disadvantaged people in a variety of ways. The work of the organization is wide-ranging, from patient transport to educational projects. With our online form, you offer your supporters the opportunity to contribute as a member. The type of membership can be selected via user-defined fields. Attractive and functional!

Toni Kroos Foundation

Support the Toni Kroos Foundation with regular donations

The Real Madrid Footballer Foundation helps seriously ill children and their families. She covers the costs of therapies, pays for the necessary aids and gives children moments of joy by fulfilling their heart's desires. You can use their online donation form, which is fully adapted to the design of the website, to sign up for sponsoring memberships. Design and concept are implemented very well!

Toni Kroos Foundation

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