More onion: the agency for digital mobilization

More onion helps progressive nonprofits implement effective digital campaigns and fundraising projects. The focus is always on a clear goal. We see it as our mission to multiply the impact of organizations.


What we can do for you

In addition to consulting in the area of digitization and design, we often assist with:

  • the recruitment of new contacts for the e-mail list
  • recruiting new donors through digital channels
  • the long-term retention of donors and contacts (often through marketing automation)
  • converting and upgrading donors through digital channels
  • the integration of communication between different departments (e.g. advocacy and fundraising)

What are the best means to achieve these goals depends on the specific organization and situation. The implementation of projects usually starts with the development of a comprehensive strategy that is deeply intertwined with the goals of the organization.

Then, together we establish a solid infrastructure for online fundraising around the Fundraising Box (landing pages, tracking, marketing automation, CRM integration, ad management, data flow, reporting).

Depending on the project, we put our creative heads together and develop a concept, designs and persuasive texts. Through a comprehensive testing program, messages, designs, texts and landing pages are optimized with statistical methods.

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About us

More onion is more than just an agency

Our team consists of enthusiastic activists and fundraisers who are passionate about good causes.

Our expertise in developing strategies, creative communication concepts and technical implementation allows us to support organizations at all levels of campaigning and fundraising.

We take a very methodical approach to projects. Our experience shows that constant data-based optimization achieves the best results in the long term.

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Our projects

Get started with digitization

More onion works with German organizations such as WWF, Oxfam and CARE. The range of projects is diverse: from political campaigning to the digitalization of fundraising.

Action medeor: Online fundraising to attract new donors

More onion has recruited over a thousand new donors in just a few months with the aid organization action medeor. These are the first steps toward converting the recruitment of new donors to digital channels.

The project has created a basis for calculating future investments. With a clear benchmark in the area of "Cost Per Acquisition" (CPA) and a consistent average donation, the concept will be scaled in follow-up projects.

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