Data Integration

Cleverly connected

With the FundraisingBox you can link your online fundraising data with various web applications and automate data synchronisation.
This way all of your applications are up to date without any manual effort.

Smart Trigger (closed beta)

Smart triggers can connect chains of conditional statements. Should an incoming donation comply with one or more of the defined conditions, an event will be executed as per your definition. For example, you can automatically send every fundraiser who has collected at least 2,000 GBP through a peer-to-peer campaign a "Top Fundraiser" t-shirt including a personalised cover not as a thank-you.

Exclusive Interfaces

The Enterprise database extensions autoamtically synchronise all donations received via the FundraisingBox with your database in real time. This saves a lot of time and minimises error. With the common interface development, security, and scalability have been put to the utmost value, so that even high transaction numbers can be synchronised.