FundraisingBoxCRM facilitates your digital transformation by providing the systematic organisation of all relationships and interactions with existing and potential donors, sponsors, members, partners, and service providers of your organisation.

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One online workplace for your team

The FundraisingBoxCRM is your online workplace for all aspects of your organisation's management. It allows you to work optimally in a team, manage contacts, addresses, and tasks centrally, with all information conveniently bundled in one place. As a result, you can effectively improve communication both internally and with all of your partners, service providers, donors and supporters.

  • Address maintenance
  • Contact management
  • Communication history
  • Task management
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360° view of your supporters

Do you know your donors? Your fundraising depends on what you know about your donors and how you interact with them. Your most important asset is therefore your donor data. FundrasingBoxCRM provides the very best data quality, allowing you to get to know your donors even better!

Use a central, real-time donor profile as the foundation for integrated cross-channel fundraising.

Das FundraisingBox CRM stellt den Spender in den Mittelpunkt

Donor Service Experience

Donors want to be cared for and expect professional communication. Engage and inspire your donors with first-class support. FundraisingBoxCRM helps you focus on the donor and communicate personally, empathically and quickly.

The integrated ticket system allows you to coordinate tasks easily and efficiently, providing top-notch support to your donors.

Mit dem FundraisingBox CRM bieten Sie Ihren Spendern das perfekte Spendenerlebnis

Fundraising Automation

Save time. FundraisingBoxCRM is optimised for day-to-day fundraising and can automatically perform routine tasks.

Network your organisation and give your employees direct access to all essential information in a secure cloud-based system.

Mit dem FundraisingBox CRM erleichtern Ihnen optimierte Prozesse den Büroalltag

Marketing, fundraising, and payment directly interwoven

The linking of all data and instruments is crucial for successful fundraising. Through the integral way in which FundraisingBoxCRM works, you know, for instance, which supporters are more likely to repeat donations and what amounts you can expect. Encourage them even more with personalised campaigns.

FundraisingBox Smart Filter

Smart Filter

Group your donors easily and quickly and communicate reports to your stakeholders.

FundraisingBox ermöglicht maßgeschneiderte Kommunikation mit Ihren Spendern


Deliver highly customised content - whether by letter, newsletter, search engine advertising or social targeting.

FundraisingBox ermöglicht Ihnen eine starke Bindung zu Ihren Spendern

Donor loyalty

Find new donors and tap into new target groups, strengthen existing donor commitments, and cultivate long-term relationships.

FundraisingBox Smart Communication für zielgenaue Botschaften an Ihre Spender

Smart Communication

Increase the likelihood that the recipient supports you with a donation, spreads your message, or makes a recurring long-term commitment.

Mit der FundraisingBox Ein-Klick-Spende schnell und einfach spenden

One-click donations

Increase the conversion rate by seamlessly integrating payment and fundraising measures: for example, donors can make a donation directly through a click in your newsletter without having to enter in their data again.

Mit FundraisingBox Smart Search filtern Sie kinderleicht Ihre Spenderdaten

Smart Search

Identify supporter groups through the integrated analytics capabilities. Discover potential major donors. Set dynamic suggested donation amounts.

FundraisingBox Tracking garantiert stets den Überblick über Ihre Kampagnen


Measure the success of your campaigns with the integrated tracking capabilities.

FundraisingBox Crowdfunding für noch mehr Reichweite

Use the Crowd

Go viral by encouraging your most active supporters to collect donations for your organisation using crowdfundraising tools.

Bring your own CRM

If you already have a CRM, you can of course continue to use it and potentially even synchronise it with the FundraisingBox.

FundraisingBox Anbindung an externe CRMs

What our customers say

"Since the introduction of the FundraisingBox, Berliner Tafel has been able to expand and professionalise fundraising with use of the CRM. Thanks to the self-explanatory functions, operating it is extremely simple. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent support when asking questions and giving suggestions."

Achim Karatas, Fundraising
Berliner Tafel e.V.

"For our association, the FundraisingBox was the right decision. It creates transparency, is easy to use, and provides very good management of donor and member data (CRM)."

Axel Wilhelm, Executive
Evangelischer Verein Fellbach e.V.