Motivation through visualization

Expand your digital fundraising

Emotionalize the donation through visualization and offer gift ideas for every occasion. With the Charity Shop, you not only create a new fundraising channel, but a completely new donation experience.

FundraisingBox Spendenshop

Link your existing shop

If you already have a shop, you can simply link it - the FundraisingBox Charity Shop is not tied to a specific shop system. This is how you can easily map donations from your existing store in the FundraisingBox.

Start a new donation shop

Simply start a new charity shop

If you don't have a shop yet, you can use the FundraisingBox Charity Shop to develop your own donation shop for virtual donation products quickly and easily and use the additional potential for your digital fundraising.

Charity shop donation shop
Charity shop donation shop
Donation shop donation form
Donation shop donation form
Donation shop shopping cart
Donation shop shopping cart

Your benefits at a glance

With the FundraisingBox Charity Shop you can not only visualize any donation products. It will also please you with the administration, because it creates transparency and relieves you of work.

Donation shop donation processing

Uniform checkout process

Like your donation form, the Charity Shop also uses the FundraisingBox Payment Cloud to process donations. This means that the payment process remains uniform.

Automatic order confirmation and thank you in the donation shop

Personalized order confirmation

Have personalized order confirmations and thank you sent automatically by email. This saves you time and still communicates personally.

View and export donation shop orders

View and export orders

Orders and individual items from the shopping cart are clearly displayed in your FundraisinBox and can be easily exported via CSV or API.

Mit dem Charity Shop der FundraisingBox werden nun auch sämtliche Spenden darin verwaltet, die über unseren neuen Spendenshop eingehen.

The Munich Ambulant Children's Hospice Foundation uses the FundraisingBox's charity shop

Simone Kraus | Head of fundraising
Outpatient Children's Hospice Foundation Munich
To the use case

The charity shop enables quick and uncomplicated payment processing. All data and transactions are clearly arranged in our FundraisingBox, which makes our work a lot easier.

Denitza Toteva from BOS Germany uses the donation shop

Denitza Toteva, Head of Online Fundraising / Communication
Borneo Orangutan Survival BOS Germany eV


We accompany you to your charity shop

Unsere Entwickler*innen und Solution Architects stehen Ihnen oder Ihrer Agentur jederzeit mit Rat und Tatkraft zur Seite und helfen Ihnen, Ihren Charity Shop attraktiv und funktional umzusetzen.

Solution Architect helps with the donation shop

Solution Architect

Bei Bedarf helfen wir Ihnen gerne beim Erstellen bzw. Implementieren Ihres Charity Shops. Unsere Solution Architects stehen dabei mit technischem Rat an Ihrer Seite und betreuen falls vorhanden auch gerne Ihre*n Implementierungspartner*in. So brauchen Sie sich über die technische Umsetzung keine Gedanken zu machen!

Donation shop workshop


What is important in a charity shop? We would be happy to offer you a joint workshop with your team. We will show you how to create an attractive and well-converting charity shop - starting with the big picture and story telling to the very specific concept of your own charity shop for your website.

Free charity shop advice

Zeigen Sie Ihren Unterstützenden mit dem Charity Shop, was Spenden bewirken können oder bieten Sie Geschenkideen für jeden Anlass.

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