FundraisingBox Branding Guidelines

With the FundraisingBox we offer excellent online fundraising technology. In order for donors to see who is responsible for managing the safety of their data, we have defined our Branding Guidelines.

Why is our branding important to your donors?

  • The FundraisingBox seal establishes trust and thus increases the donation conversion rate
  • The seal shows your site visitors that their donations are transmitted through a trusted online channel and that their personal data is protected
  • For questions regarding IT security and data protection, donors can view all relevant information by clicking on the FundraisingBox seal
  • Security information for the donor is regularly updated and is part of the service provided by the FundraisingBox. We thus take this work out of your hands. You can refer to this page at any time for all security questions.

Our seal

Note the following

  • Be sure to always write the FundraisingBox correctly: FundraisingBox
  • Do not change any of the FundraisingBox graphics in any form and at any time
  • Let the graphics provided enough optical space before the next item
  • Do not use any elements not approved by the FundraisingBox
  • The FundraisingBox seal must link to the following URL:
  • The seal-link can not be supplemented with a "Nofollow" attribute

Why do these rules apply?

  • We want your donors to feel secure
  • We want to minimise terminated transactions
  • We wish for our work to be valued
  • We want to make the FundraisingBox brand better known

Other approved graphics

Our Logo

The logo must not be designed with shadows, patterns, complicated backgrounds or other rich detailing.



Our Box

Promotion, distribution and teaching material

For the use of our logo on websites, products, packaging, manuals, for other commercial purposes, or for the use in a product a written authorisation is required. Mentions in text such as "FundraisingBox-suitable" or "compatible with FundraisingBox" are allowed provided that these correspond to the truth.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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