Streamlinen Sie Ihr Fundraising, Ihre Daten und automatisieren Sie Routinen

Bank Sync der FundraisingBox

Bank Sync

Verknüpfen Sie Ihr Bankkonto mit der FundraisingBox, sehen Sie so alle Spendeneingänge in einem System und behandeln Sie alle Spenden digital.

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Automations in der FundraisingBox


Vereinfachen Sie interne Prozesse, kommunizieren Sie mit Spendenden oder begleiten Sie alle Spendenaktionen – automatisiert.

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Integrations Übersicht der FundraisingBox

Integrations & API

Verbinden Sie Ihre gewohnten Systeme und integrieren Sie die Tools, die Sie nutzzen und entwickeln Sie so Ihre passende Infrastruktur.

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Bank Sync

All online and offline donations automatically in your FundraisingBox

Link your bank account with your FundraisingBox and see all incoming donations in one system. This not only saves you manual imports and tedious merging of data, but also reduces errors and gains transparency.

Bank synchronization from Fundraisingbox powered by Wikando GmbH

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Sync donations

Have referral and offline donations synced automatically

You never have to check bank statements or manually synchronize incoming payments again - an interface to your bank account makes it possible.

Manage donations

Manage all donations of a contact in the FundraisingBox

Regardless of the channel through which a donation is made, you can easily view both online and offline donations in your FundraisingBox.


Automatically assign donations from known contacts

You can create new offline donations as new contacts with just a few clicks. Donations from known contacts are automatically assigned, you just have to confirm the assignment.

Donation Receipts

You can also create donation receipts for offline donations with the FundraisingBox

Save yourself the expensive and time-consuming donation receipt process for offline donations: You can also automatically generate receipts for these donation channels with just a few clicks.

Donor Relations

Better donor care for your offline donations too

Benefit from all the functionalities of the FundraisingBox CRM, even with offline donations. You can also create a clear contact history here, send e-mails directly from the FundraisingBox and see donations, e-mails and phone calls at a glance.


Simplify your reporting with central data

Easily compile statistics for your donations from all channels. Filter by payment types, sources and much more and use the simple data export for meaningful reports.

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Bank Sync in detail

With Bank Sync you can import donation data into your CRM in just a few clicks. See in the video how it works and how you can use this function.

Your advantages with the Bank Sync

  • More time
  • All donations in one place
  • Ease of use
  • All the advantages of the FundraisingBox CRM also for offline donations

Lapotop auf einem Tisch, Screenshot der Verwendungszweckanalyse auf dem Bildschrim

Verwendungszweckanalyse: Schneller Informationen erkennen

Die FundraisingBox erkennt bei unserem Bank Sync Informationen von eingehenden Spenden am Verwendungszweck. Diese heben wir farbig hervor. Sie sparen sie enorm viel Zeit beim Importieren von Spenden und dem manuellen Anlegen von Informationen am Kontakt.


Wieder mehr Zeit für das wirklich Wichtige

Stärken Sie die Beziehungen zu Ihren Spender*innen, vereinfachen Sie interne Prozesse oder begleiten Sie alle, die gerade eine Spendenaktion durchführen – voll automatisiert.

  • 13 Auslöser: Nutzen Sie unsere Auslöser zu Spenden-Follow-Ups, Geburtstagsreminder, Mehrfachspenden und und und.
  • Aktionen: Definieren zu jedem Auslöser eine oder mehrere Aktionen wie E-Mail-Versand, das Erstellen einer Aufgabe oder eines Tags.
  • Interne Prozesse automatisieren: Lassen Sie interne Prozesse wie eine zurückgebuchte Spende oder Zahlweise oder den Check einer Zahlweise automatisieren.
  • Spendenaktionen begleiten: Begleiten Sie die Leute, die Menschen, die in Ihrem Namen eine Spendenaktion durchführen, einfach und automatisch und erinnern Sie an fehlende Zahlungseingönge oder an das Überschreiten der Zielsumme.
Grafik über Automations der FundraisingBox

Kostenlos starten und Automations ausprobieren

Increasing donation income Screenshot FundraisingBox


Alles direkt im CRM

Alle unsere Automatisierungen finden in unserem CRM statt. Profitieren Sie neben den Triggern und Aktionen von weiteren automatischen CRM-Prozessen.

  • Receive new contact details - every new donor will automatically be added as a contact in your FundraisingBox.
  • Without detours - all donations always go directly to your account and are displayed in real time in CRM.
  • Auto donation receipt - Thanks to the central data storage, you can have sent automatically .
Graphic of the integrations of the FundraisingBox

Integrations & extensions

Connect FundraisingBox to your favourite solutions

FundraisingBox can also be seamlessly connected with other programs. Continue to use your preferred systems and simply integrate marketing automation, your existing CRM, data analytics solutions and more. Develop your infrastructure to automate payment processes and data flow.

  • Flexibility out of the box: The FundraisingBox offers you numerous extensions: from address validation to 2-factor authentication, analysis tools and newsletter tools.
  • Your donation forms, our CRM and vice versa: Our products are accessible via interfaces and for example can be linked to your Salesforce CRM or your own donation form. Our API package puts an end to manual imports, data silos and complicated workflows.
  • Salesforce 💚 FundraisingBox: Connect your Salesforce CRM with FundraisingBox's digital fundraising products and payment cloud. Automatic synchronization means your donation data is always centrally available in one system - in real time.
  • We develop customized solutions: For special requirements or very specific expansion or connection, our specialists will create customized interfaces for you. We offer tailored solutions for your projects.

Our integrations and extensions

FundraisingBox Reports:
All relevant KPIs at a glance

Gewinnen Sie Zeit bei der Auswertung von Maßnahmen und der Analyse Ihrer Daten: Im Reports-Bereich der FundraisingBox sehen Sie alle relevanten KPI Ihrer Non-Profit übersichtlich, automatisch bereitgestellt und auf einen Blick. Treffen Sie viel schneller noch bessere Entscheidungen.

Screenshot des Reporting Dashboard der FundraisingBox in Frame

This is how the FundraisingBox supports you and your nonprofit

Donation form for the FundraisingBox in a modern design

Fundraising how and from where ever you want to

The FundraisingBox adapts to your challenges, resources, budget and circumstances.
FundraisingBox is also browser-based - access your FundraisingBox with your team from anywhere.

Better use of resources and more insights in the FundraisingBox cockpit

Better insights and more time

Through our cockpit and many different evaluations you have a better overview of all received transactions, donor information and you have all your relevant data visible at a glance.

Heart symbol for success management

Personal success managers

Your success is important to us, which is why we accompany you from the beginning and support you with the ideal setup of the FundraisingBox. In addition, our great support team is at your side for all questions regarding the functions, technical topics and with extensive fundraising expertise.

Sustainable cooperation with heart with the FundraisingBox

Long-term partnership

We are more than a software. The FundraisingBox was and is developed together with nonprofits. We share the resulting and always new knowledge with you in webinars, in our help center as well as in our blog.

Sustainable cooperation with heart with the FundraisingBox

Large partner network

In the future, work on your projects with the best creatives and strategists and be inspired by the possibilities in digital fundraising in our showroom.

Lock symbol for security in the FundraisingBox

Security for your data

We guarantee the security of your data and that of your supporters – so that your donors give with an even better feeling.

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Start your own success story.

For local heroes and do-gooders, for global organizations, regional associations or non-profits who are getting started in digital fundraising: We understand your challenges and help you on the way to your own hero story.

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