General Terms and Conditions

Wikando GmbH provides you with the terms and conditions of the FundraisingBox as a PDF version and subsequently as a text.

1 Scope of application

These "FundraisingBox general terms and conditions" (hereinafter also "conditions") apply to agreements with the WIKANDO GmbH, Schiessgrabenstr. 32 in 86150 Augsburg (hereinafter "WIKANDO") about the FundraisingBox services, as well as services provided by WIKANDO in connection with the deployment of the FundraisingBox.

Under the designation "FundraisingBox" WIKANDO is providing organisations, companies, foundations, institutions, and political parties (hereinafter "customer") with an online fundraising and donation administration product as a software-as-a-service solution.

In addition to the FundraisingBox, consulting and project services in, among other fields, communications, web design, content management, customer relation management, and payment can be ordered by mutual agreement from WIKANDO.​

The FundraisingBox is provided by WIKANDO exclusively for usage via the Internet. The FundraisingBox offer is not aimed at consumers.​

2 Conclusion of contract, access data, account owner

2.1 The contract closing on the FundraisingBox services is effected by the customer's confirmation of the online contract form provided by WIKANDO, or at WIKANDO's option, if applicable, by transmission of the contract signed by the customer via fax or e-mail.

​2.2 Should the declaration to conclude a contract with WIKANDO have been made by the person making the statement in the name of an organisation, company, or other legal entity as customer, the person making the statement guarantees that they are authorised to make the statement to conclude the formally binding contract as representative in the name of this customer.

2.3 Upon conclusion of a contract with WIKANDO the customer creates the password that is in combination with the provided e-mail address necessary for further usage within the FundraisingBox. This initial access data is associated with the customer's authorised user. The customer confirms hereby that this authorised user is authorised to make legally binding statements in the customer's name during the contract term to order or cancel additional FundraisingBox scopes of services or to order additional consulting or project services (in these conditions the user or the respective access data will be referred to as "account owner"). With this, ordering or cancellation of services has to be done by the account owner in textual form.

​2.4 Only the account owner can, per the booked scope of services, create additional users. The respective users can administer their user data within the FundraisingBox but are not authorised to the contractual representation of the customer to order further services.

2.5 An account owner change on the customer side can be made by the current account owner within the FundraisingBox. Through the change, the current account owner will lose their status as account owner and the new account owner will take their place and is now solely authorised to make legally binding statements in the name of the customer within the FundraisingBox. Should a change of the account owner by the previous account owner no longer be possible, e.g. because the later has already left their position as an employee of the customer, a request to change the account owner has to be filed in writing with ​WIKANDO. WIKANDO reserves the right to condition the change on proof of the applicant's authority.

2.6 It is the customer's obligation to keep the user data and passwords of the account owner and other users they might have created confidential and to place respective users under the obligation to confidentiality. With this, the customer has to at least apply due diligence of a prudent business person, so that unauthorised third parties do not get access to the information.

3 Object of the contract

3.1 FundraisingBox

3.1.1 WIKANDO offers the FundraisingBox as a software-as-a-service solution, which can be obtained with different scopes of services and features.

3.1.2 The scope and features agreed upon with the customer are determined by the agreements made upon contract conclusion. Subsequent changes are possible if mutually agreed upon during the contract term.

3.2 Changing, amending, or extending the FundraisingBox software

3.2.1 The FunsraisingBox is based on a FundraisingBox software developed by WIKANDO. The rights to this FundraisingBox software belong to WIKANDO. The customer obtains no rights whatsoever to the transfer of the FundraisingBox software.

3.2.2 WIKANDO is constantly developing the FundraisingBox software further to, for example, improve it, add features or change those, or fix errors. During the contract term, WIKANDO will run the FundraisingBox at any time based on the most current, by WIKANDO for the operation of the FundraisingBox generally released FundraisingBox software version. The customer agrees that during the contract term WIKANDO uses the most current FundraisingBox version to operate the FundraisingBox. It remains at WIKANDO's discretion to withdraw a new version or individual new features after their respective test phases.

3.2.3 Thus WIKANDO reserves the right to change, amend, or extend the FundraisingBox software and with it the scope of services during the contract term. The customer is aware and agrees that this might result in changing, amending, or expanding the scope of services​ of the FundraisingBox.

3.2.4 WIKANDO will inform the customer in advance of changes to the FundraisingBox connected to the deployment of new versions.

3.3 Connected third party services

​3.3.1 The FundraisingBox offers the option of integrating third party services as an extension into the FundraisingBox. Insofar as third party services can only be used by the customer within the FundraisingBox, if the customer has a usage agreement with the third party, it is the customer's sole responsibility to come to such an agreement with the third party. (Example: If the customer orders a FundraisingBox donation form, a payment provider's online payment service can be included. While doing so, the customer needs to conclude a corresponding agreement with this payment provider.)

3.3.2 The WIKANDO scope of services includes providing an interface to the third party service that is functioning at the time of signing the contract. Should the third party change their services and/or their interface during the contract term, WIKANDO is committed to re-establish a connection to the third party service within a reasonable amount of time, inasmuch as this is possible with commercially reasonable effort. Exceeding this commitment, WIKANDO does not commit to enabling usage of the third party services during the contract term after the third party has changed their scope of services or their interface to access their scope of services.

3.3.3 In isolated cases, there is an option to conclude an agreement on the third party services within the FundraisingBox access with the third party. In such a case, the agreement about the third party service is still concluded exclusively between the customer and the third party. WIKANDO is not a party to those contracts.​

3.4 Consulting and project services

3.4.1 In concluding the FundraisingBox contract, WIKANDO is not obligated to deliver any more consulting and project services beyond the services providing the FundraisingBox as a software-as-a-service solution as specified at the time of signing the contract.

3.4.2 Insofar as the customer requires more consulting or project ​services in connection with the FundraisingBox, e.g. implementing the donation forms provided with the FundraisingBox into the customer website, such services are to be agreed on separately between the customer and WIKANDO.

3.4.3 Insofar as WIKANDO and the customer have not explicitly agreed for WIKANDO to produce a specific work, WIKANDO delivers ordered consulting and project services as services as per §§611 et seqq. BGB (German Civil Code).

4 Scope of services WIKANDO

4.1 Scope of services

4.1.1 The FundraisingBox software is hosted by WIKANDO or a subcontractor in one or more data centers. WIKANDO provides the customer with the FundraisingBox within the agreed scope of services at the handover point for use over the Internet. There is no delivery or transfer of the FundraisingBox software to the customer. The handover point for the agreed upon WIKANDO services is the respective router exit towards the Internet at the data center.

​4.1.2 The FundraisingBox is not available during routine and irregular maintenance windows that are necessary to run and host the FundraisingBox. Every Saturday from 9 pm until 3 am CET on Sunday, WIKANDO has a routine maintenance window at its disposal. During this maintenance window, it is possible that the customer cannot utilise the FundraisingBox services.

4.1.3 WIKANDO strives to execute maintenance work exclusively during the routine maintenance windows to impact the availability of the FundraisingBox software as little as possible. However, in urgent cases such as system failures or the deployment of security-related patches, WIKANDO reserves the right to execute maintenance work during service hours, which means that FundraisingBox usability might be limited or excluded for the duration of the maintenance work.

4.1.4 In the case of interruptions due to force majeure, including strikes or lock-outs, the FundraisingBox is also not or not in its entirety available.

4.1.5 During the contract term, WIKANDO owes a FundraisingBox software uptime, i.e. availability at the handover point, of 98% on average per calendar year.

4.2 Customer data storage

4.2.1 WIKANDO provides the customer with storage capacity in the data centers for storing the data transmitted from the customer​.

4.2.2 WIKANDO, however, is not handling the legal storage of this data in order for the customer to adhere to legal retention periods, e.g. relating to commercial or tax law. It is the customer's task to make sure that legal storage of the data transmitted by the customer to the FundraisingBox or data received or requested by the customer from the FundraisingBox is effected in agreement with​ the regulations within their system.

4.3 Support services/fault recovery

4.3.1 Support requests referring to the FundraisingBox can be transmitted to WIKANDO via an online form available on "". They will be processed from Monday to Friday, with the exception of official holidays in Bavaria as well as August 8, December 24 and 31 of any given year, between 10 am to 5 pm CET (hereinafter "support hours").

4.3.2 Fault reports such as in the case of technical problems can also be transmitted to WIKANDO via an online form available at "". With this, the customer will report the error causing the fault providing information that the customer can discern with reasonable effort, and that is appropriate for the ​fault analysis.

​4.3.3 With regards to fault clearance it is WIKANDO's responsibility to maintain the ordered FundraisingBox services, in other words, to resolve faults that have occurred.

4.3.4 A fault of WIKANDO services is present when within intended use ​these services differ from their agreed upon quality thus that the agreed upon functionality is not performed or performed with limitations, or the service is not functional in other ways, whereby the contractual usage is no longer given or more than negligibly limited.

4.3.5 WIKANDO will fix the error with a reasonable timeframe.

4.3.6 Should the fault recovery fail within a reasonable timeframe and on grounds WIKANDO is responsible for,​ the customer may reduce the agreed upon fee by a reasonable amount for the additional period, during which the concerned FundraisingBox services are faulty.

4.3.7 Should the customer, after the appropriate period as per subparagraph 4.3.5, set an appropriate period of grace to WIKANDO to resolve the fault and should WIKANDO not succeed at resolving the fault within the set grace period, the customer is eligible to terminate the FundraisingBox contract without notice. In cases of a negligible fault, however, the termination without notice is precluded. In the case of justified termination as per this subparagraph 4.3.7, WIKANDO will reimburse any fees already paid in advance proportionally​.

4.4. Naming of and/or logo display for the FundraisingBox in applications and forms

​4.4.1 So long as there is no explicit agreement between the customer and WIKANDO that there should be no naming of or logo display for the FundraisingBox in the applications and forms provided through the FundraisingBox (so-called white label version), WIKANDO reserves the right to refer to the FundraisingBox by naming it and/or displaying the FundraisingBox logo in the applications and forms provided through the FundraisingBox that the customer integrates into their website. Naming can be effected at WIKANDO's sole discretion, for example, by means of displaying a text such as "A secure FundraisingBox service".

4.4.2 The customer is not at liberty to remove this naming or the integrated FundraisingBox logo from the applications and forms.

4.4.3 Should the customer have removed the FundraisingBox naming or ​the integrated logo from a provided application or a form, and should the customer not reverse the change in the application or form within an appropriate period set by WIKANDO after WIKANDO has requested such a change, WIKANDO reserves the right to terminate the contract for cause without notice.

5 Customer's obligation to perform/collaborate

5.1 It is the customer's task to provide their authorised users of the FundraisingBox services with an Internet access needed to use the FundraisingBox.

5.2 The customer will keep their FundraisingBox access data, as well as ​their users' FundraisingBox access data confidential, protect it from access by unauthorised third parties, and not pass it on to unauthorised users. The customer will inform their users about this obligation to confidentiality and place respective users under the obligation to confidentiality.

5.3 Should the customer have reason to believe that an unauthorised third party has gained access to the access data, the customer will inform WIKANDO about this situation without delay.

5.4 Insofar as the customer transfers data to the FundraisingBox, the customer will backup this data on their own systems before the transfer. In the case of loss of data,​ the customer will retransfer the data to the FundraisingBox at their own expense.

5.5 The customer will make sure that through them or their users no damaging data or files, so-called malware such as viruses, spyware, or Trojans​, will be transmitted to WIKANDO.

6 Exclusions of services

6.1 So long as there is no explicit other agreement between the customer and WIKANDO, WIKANDO does not owe customisation of the FundraisingBox to customer-specific requirements following this contract.

6.2 Faults, limitations, delays, and other problems arising from using the Internet or connected third party services are not borne by WIKANDO​ unless WIKANDO is culpably responsible for them.

7 Rights of use

​7.1 WIKANDO grants the customer for the contract period within the contractually agreed upon scope a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to use the agreed upon FundraisingBox services as intended for their own, internal business objectives.

7.2 Authorised to access and use is thereby the maximum number of contractually agreed upon users within the contractually agreed upon scope.

7.3 The customer does not have the right to use the FundraisingBox beyond the contractually stipulated usage or to have other organisations, companies, or other third parties use it for their purposes.

7.4 Should the customer have ordered consulting or project services from WIKANDO, the customer will receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the service results solely in connection with the FundraisingBox.

8 Fees

8.1 For the FundraisingBox services the customer will pay annually for 12 months in advance (accounting period) the fee agreed upon at the time of the contract conclusion​. The first payment is due upon contract conclusion. With this, the fee can be a flat fee and/or a variable fee depending on the usage volume.

​8.2 Furthermore, WIKANDO will bill supplementary charges for certain services as agreed upon at the time of contract conclusion such as a server load charge when the donation volume surpasses the agreed upon volume.

8.3 WIKANDO reserves the right to adjust the fees and prices for the agreed upon services during the contract term once per calendar year, starting with the next accounting period. In the event of an increase of fees for one of the services agreed upon in this contract by more than 10% (based on the applicable fee right before the increase), the customer has the right to terminate in text form either the service affected by the increase or the FunraisingBox contract as a whole to the end of the accounting period within a period of one month after receipt of the requirement of increase. Deviating from the above rule, s​hould the increase occur during the last month of the accounting period, the service affected by the increase or the FunraisingBox contract as a whole can be terminated within a period of one month after receipt of the requirement of increase with a month's notice. In such a case, the contractual billing will be done pro rata at the fee applicable before the requirement of increase.

8.4 All prices are considered subject to VAT unless the sale is exempt from VAT. Proving such a VAT exemption is the customer's responsibility. In case of doubt, the customer is obligated to pay the VAT.

8.5 The customer herewith agrees that WIKANDO provides its bills solely online for download​ from the FundraisingBox or via e-mail. Default occurs 30 calendar days after the due date.

8.6 Should the customer have given a direct debit authority to WIKANDO and should a direct debit to the credit of WIKANDO not occur at the behest of the customer (e.g. cancellation, return debit), the charges and fees for the return ​debit imposed upon WIKANDO have to be borne by the customer.

8.7 The right to withhold payments or to offset them with counterclaims are only granted to the customer insofar as such​ counterclaims are uncontended or determined without further legal recourse.

9 Privacy

9.1 WIKANDO and the customer commit themselves to observing the legal regulations regarding privacy, to adopt the required measures, and to continuously​ monitor their observance.

9.2 WIKANDO is committed to using the personal information solely for purposes related to the FundraisingBox contract.

9.3 Insofar as personal data is queried, processed, or used by WIKANDO on behalf of the customer within the scope of this contract, WIKANDO contracts into concluding a respective contract with the customer about the commissioned data processing as per §11 par. 2 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act).

9.4 The customer as responsible authority queries, processes, or uses the personal data for themselves and is therefore solely responsible for the legality of data collection and data usage, as well as data processing in itself and data transfer to WIKANDO. Therefore, the customer will obtain the necessary consent of the persons concerned, insofar as the customer queries, processes, or uses​ personal data from the persons concerned within the scope of using the FundraisingBox.

9.5 Insofar as legally permitted, the customer allows WIKANDO the anonymised evaluation of ​donor and donation data stored for the customer in the FundraisingBox, e.g. for statistical purposes, as well as the utilisation of the evaluation results by WIKANDO.

10 Defects

10.1 WIKANDO shall be liable for defects of property and rights, if (i) during the term of this contract, the designated use of FundraisingBox by the customer is affected significantly, or (ii) if WIKANDO has undertook the provision of a service, when said work does not have the agreed upon quality and is vitiated by a more than insignificant defect.

10.2 For defects that were present to the customer upon the granting of use of FundraisingBox, WIKANDO shall be liable only if WIKANDO holds responsibility for these deficiencies.

10.3 WIKANDO is entitled to remedy a defect at its own option, either by eliminating or bypassing (improvement) or through replacement.

10.4 All claims for defects relating to the impairment of the intended use of FundraisingBox shall expire one year from the date on which the customer was aware of the defect or would have had to assume it without gross negligence. Claims for defects created by WIKANDO for the customer shall be subject to a limitation period of one year from the date of acceptance of the affected business performance.

10.5 Deviating from the aforementioned regulation on the statute of limitation the legal regulations on the statute of limitation applies, if WIKANDO has fraudulently concealed, deliberately or negligently caused the defect, or explicitly guaranteed the absence of the defect.

10.6 Indemnity or compensation for futile expenditure as a consequence of fault are made by WIKANDO only within the limits set by paragraph 11.

11 Liability

11.1 WIKANDO shall be liable in full for loss or damages of futile expenses in the full amount only for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health, which result from a negligent breach of duty by WIKANDO or a deliberate or negligent breach of duty by a vicarious agent or a legal representative of WIKANDO for damages caused by WIKANDO or a vicarious agent or legal representative of WIKANDO, intentionally or through gross negligence, and in the absence of a guaranteed condition (in accordance with § 443 BGB).

11.2 The liability of WIKANDO in breach of a contractual obligation is, if none of the cases listed in section 11.1 is present, limited to contractually typical, reasonably foreseeable damage, at the conclusion of this offer.

11.3 Any further liability of WIKANDO for damages or reimbursement of futile expenses is explicitly excluded. This also applies to no-fault liability of WIKANDO in accordance with § 536a (1) of the German Civil Code ("Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch") on account of an error or defect which already existed at the conclusion of this agreement. Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

11.4 WIKANDO and the customer agree that Euro 5.000, - per claim, but a total of max. Euro 20.000, - except for immediate personal injury, are sufficient to meet the clause 11.2 of typical contract to be replaced to cover reasonably foreseeable damages at contract conclusion. The customer shall immediately notify WIKANDO before conclusion of the contract if there is a higher risk of damage in order for the parties to negotiate an appropriate adjustment to the liability sum.

12 Term and termination

12.1 The contract is initially concluded for the specified basic term (12 or 24 months) given at the conclusion of the contract and is extended by 12 months, unless the termination of the contract is received by the other party in text form no later than the third business day of the third last contract month.

12.2 The right to extraordinary termination for cause remains unaffected.

​12.3 Should the customer terminate the contract for a cause that is WIKANDO's responsibility, WIKANDO will reimburse any flat fees already paid in advance proportionally.

12.4 An important ground for an extraordinary termination by WIKANDO is in particular if the customer is in default with the payment of a payment fee due by more than 30 calendar days and also does not pay upon subsequent reminder by WIKANDO within 15 calendar days after receipt of the reminder (The relevant factor is WIKANDO's receipt of payment). In this case WIKANDO is entitled to terminate the contract.

12.5 In addition, the reasons given in section 4.4.3 constitute an important reason.

12.6 Any termination on account of important cause shall be in writing, otherwise sufficient for a termination by sending the notice in electronic form, such as via e-mail.

13 Deleting data after expiration of contract

13.1 The customer can export personal and donation data in the format specified in the FundraisingBox during the contract term. If the customer requires this data beyond the contract, it is the customer's responsibility to export its data before the contract is terminated.

13.2 Upon termination of the contract, regardless of the legal reason, the customer is no longer able to access the data stored in the FundraisingBox.

13.3 At the customer’s request within 4 weeks after termination of the contract, WIKANDO shall provide the customer, upon appropriate payment of the measured sum according to existing personal and donation data in the FundraisingBox, with said existing data in a storage device. If requested at a later time, the data can no longer be made available.

14 Subcontractors

Wikando may provide subcontracter services (eg hosting or support services) under this agreement.

15 Naming as testimonial

15.1 WIKANDO reserves the right to name the customer as a reference for marketing purposes, for example, on the FundraisingBox internet platform or on a list of customers.

15.2 The customer and WIKANDO shall be entitled, upon conclusion of this contract, to issue a press release concerning the conclusion of the contract and the cooperation thereby established.

15.3 WIKANDO also reserves the right to publish a more detailed user report (success stor) at a later date with the customer.

16 Amendments to the Conditions

16.1 WIKANDO has the right to amend or supplement these terms at any time subject to a notice period of at least two (2) weeks.

16.2 In the event of a amendment or supplement, WIKANDO will notify the customer by e-mail and submit the terms in the amended or supplemented version. The new terms shall be deemed to be agreed between the parties if the customer does not object to WIKANDO in text form within two weeks after receipt of notification of the new conditions. WIKANDO will advise the customer of the inconsistency and the consequences of the expiry of the time limit when the new conditions are communicated over the abovementioned deadline.

16.3 If the customer rejects the validity of the new terms, WIKANDO may terminate the contractual relationship at the time of the entry into force of the new conditions, while at the discretion of the customer, and may continue the contractual relationship at its own discretion. WIKANDO shall notify the customer of any termination or termination of the contract by e-mail.

17 Final provisions

17.1 The General Terms and Conditions of the Customer shall not become a contractual component.

17.2 Amendments or supplements to this contract must be made in text form.

17.3 Should any provision of this agreement be or become ineffective or incomplete, the validity of the provisions of this agreement shall remain unaffected. However, the parties undertake, in this case, to replace the invalid provision in question with an effective provision or to fill the gap by such a provision that comes closest to the original provision.

17.4 Place of fulfillment is the WIKANDO registered office.

17.5 The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the exclusion of all conflict norms and the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

17.6 Exclusive jurisdiction is at the headquarters of WIKANDO in Augsburg, Germany. However, WIKANDO shall also be entitled to lodge a complaint at the registered office of the customer.

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