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We are a passionate team of bright minds and have an incredible amount of fun constantly developing new ideas to help charities around the world collect and manage donations faster, easier and more digitally. We work very closely with our clients and are proud of their success stories. Our mission is to be a reliable partner and companion, providing advice and support on digitalisation through our expertise.

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  • “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

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  • "It always seems impossible,
    until it's done. "
    Nelson Mandela

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Our vision

Wikando is the leading social tech company that supports organizations all over the world to maximize their social impact through digital measures.

Through state-of-the-art technologies, aid arrives quickly, safely and transparently where it is needed - whether for disaster events, social movements, to important projects - to address global challenges such as poverty, environmental issues, migration, human and animal rights.

Organisations can easily draw attention to themselves and their important issues, inspire supporters and advocates, and effectively implement their important projects to make our world a better place.

Our mission

Using the latest technologies, we develop digital solutions for organizations wanting to run modern digital fundraising campaigns.

We help nonprofits to collect donations online through various channels and to establish relationships with donors in a networked world.

With digitalisation come new challenges and with them fears and concerns. That is why we accompany non-profits in their transformation and make them technologically and culturally fit for the digital age. Through process automation and data-inspired decisions, we provide relief for the team so that the organisation can concentrate on the essentials:
fulfilling their mission.

"Even if we don't build a well ourselves, our work has a direct impact on the social impact of those who do. And thus on our own."

Peter Kral, CEO and founder of Wikando GmbH

Why we do what we do

Our philosophy

We want the world to become fairer, cleaner and more conscious.

On average, every person works 80,000 hours during their professional life. Our time is precious. That's why we don't want to lose any time and do our part with meaningful work in a fantastic team.

Der Weg, den wir dazu wählen, ist es, Non-Profit-Organisationen weltweit dabei zu helfen, auf ihre Themen aufmerksam zu machen, Unterstützende für sich zu finden und ihre gemeinnützigen Projekte zu realisieren.

We refer to ourselves as "Wikandos", digital pioneers for nonprofits who help others helping.

In a connected world there is extraordinary potential for nonprofits. That is why we develop digital solutions that are specially tailored to the requirements of nonprofit organizations. So nonprofits can communicate in a modern way and inspire new target groups for their mission.

We Wikandos are proud that nonprofits all around the world are using our solutions to do good. It enables us to have a social impact as well.

Photo by our team member Rainer Wagner

Once upon a time...

Our story

It all began in 2007. After their 6-month backpacking trip around the world, peppered with adventures and valuable insights into the work of nonprofit organizations in developing countries, Mirjam and Peter decided to found a social tech company to digitize the social world. The charity platform "Wikando - Experience Engagement", which was launched in 2008, connected nonprofits, companies and private individuals with one another so that volunteer positions, corporate volunteering positions, donations in kind and, of course, monetary donations can be easily arranged online. Rainer was involved in this development and was there almost from the start.

The platform was initially financed by companies that could professionally present their social commitment (CSR) via the platform. The number of profiles and registered aid organisations that showed themselves on wikando increased rapidly. However, with the financial crisis that started in 2009, companies had other challenges to face instead of showing their social engagement to the public. Therefore, the source of income that had been envisaged until then was no longer suitable at all.

Another door opened. Nonprofits were so convinced by the offer that requests came in to use the wikando platform functions for their own website. This happened during a time when other motivated founders in Germany had also implemented social ideas and created great offers. Through social camps and other think tanks, a creative and valuable exchange took place, which eventually led to a merger of wikando and helpedia. Helpedia, co-founded by Thomas at the time, was the first fundraising portal in Germany and also aimed to transform the non-profit sector into the online world.

The Wikando team, which had grown to include a variety of disciplines, had gained similar experience in the market and quickly agreed on its vision for the future: the goal was to focus exclusively on non-profits, to address their needs and, instead of a platform approach, to pursue a B2B fundraising technology service approach with a fair and sustainable business model. Thus, in July 2010, FundraisingBox was born, a holistic fundraising solution from fundraising to donation management for non-profit organisations that meet the demands of a connected world.

Different and, over time, growing needs of the nonprofits flowed into the permanent further development of Wikando. Needs also changed within the team: Family planning or the desire for a different choice of location were new, relevant topics that needed to be taken into account. As a result, the founders decided in 2012 to restructure Wikando and set it up completely remotely, i.e. as a distributed team. This was another cornerstone of our corporate philosophy - New Work - that was not only laid, but lived. The first three remote locations were Augsburg, Frankfurt and Berlin.

Since then, FundraisingBox has evolved considerably. The market has matured, digitalisation has increased, the remote team has grown and the constellation of the founding team, now management team, has changed. Wikando has become a company that no longer just offers software, but with sharp vision, irrepressible passion and a powerful team, provides a variety of solutions for the digital age for non-profits and also closely accompanies them in their challenges regarding digital transformation.

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What is important to us

Our values

Although we are no longer a start-up on paper, we have fortunately been able to retain all the important advantages of a start-up thanks to our agile way of working, flexible workplaces, lean and dynamic structures and, above all, our pioneering spirit.

As a remote team in particular, we had to concentrate on our values ​​right from the start in order to find new Wikandos and to keep them enthusiastic about our work.

These points are important to us:

  • Pursue meaningful and sustainable work.
  • Be part of a cool and strong team.
  • Avoid overtime culture through smart prioritization.
  • Maintain a good balance between work and family.
  • Committing ourselves to challenging and varied tasks.
  • Work in a modern workplace with innovative software and hardware.
  • Experience constant appreciation for your own work.
  • Continue to try new things with curiosity and learn from mistakes.
  • Be able to question, change or reject the status quo.
  • To be transparent about how and where the company and team are developing.
  • Communicate openly and respectfully with each other.

Another thing that's great, of course:

  • Finally: no longer having to commute.
  • Start at 10 a.m., if we are late risers.
  • Being able to work from anywhere in the world.
  • And regularly seeing the team live on great team outings.

“I am proud to have founded a company in which the team stands together and everyone makes an active contribution."
What Wikando has achieved and will achieve is only possible thanks to the entire team. Thank you Wikandos!"

Mirjam Maier, CFO and founder of Wikando GmbH

Digital trailblazer for nonprofits

Would you also like to become a Wikando, share your talent with us, and pursue a meaningful purpose? Then apply now for one of our vacancies or to start up your own initiative. We can't wait to hear from you!

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A team of the world

We all work from home or on the go. Our company headquarters are in Augsburg, although our Wikandos have homes in Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and the city of eternal spring.

And from here we have already worked:
Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Indonesia, South Africa, USA, Colombia, Italy, Morocco, Spain, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Austria, Philippines, Slovenia, from the train, from the car.

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We help you...

...when collecting donations via digital channels. We offer you the best tools to ...

  • Keep up with the digitalization of society without being overwhelmed.
  • to develop new target groups.
  • to increase your donation volume and to counteract the demographic trend.
  • to concentrate more on your actual mission.
  • forge closer relationships with your supporters, for more loyal donors and more multipliers for your issue.
  • to become more efficient and effective by easing your workflow through automation.
  • to realize your projects, all of which serve a good cause.

So that together we can come closer to the vision of a better and fairer world.

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