Im Rahmen der FundraisingBox-Academy veranstalten wir mit den City Days in diesem Jahr zum zweiten Mal regional stattfindende Workshops.

We would like to give you the opportunity to deepen certain functions of the FundraisingBox together and to learn from concrete examples. In doing so, we are concerned above all with the practicality - the learned person uses you directly in your working day. In the end, we want to help you increase your online donation volume through targeted tricks and tricks.

We also have a lot of space for topics that you bring yourself. Many questions can be answered personally. The City Days are exactly the right setting.

Exchange with other users is an important building block of the workshops. During the lectures, but especially during the breaks, you will get to know the fundraisers of other organizations - expand your network and learn from each other!




City Day

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Fundraising Campaigns
Why is the fund donation or peer-to-peer fundraising an important part of the fundraising portfolio? Why are private fundraisers so important for any organization? We present the optimal use of digital starter donation and show what works and what does not.

What does CRM mean in practice? What are the possibilities for improving donor communication? Which workflow or workflow optimizations can be achieved? We show Do's and Don'ts from everyday life.

What influence do conversion-optimizing measures have in online fundraising? We explain the respective factors and show clearly, with which adjusting screws the own donation volume can be increased.

Top 10 Features of the FundraisingBox
Which functions of the FundraisingBox are relevant for each organization? We present the most important, talk about their advantages and present practical examples. In addition, we also show you functions that are underestimated, but have great potential.

Room for your questions

For coffee and biscuits is provided (the lunch is not included).