The Future of Fundraising
is Digital

We are your digital technology partner, always at hand to help you future-proof your fundraising.

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Donation Forms

Configure your donation form and customise its design or use our Form-API for fully integrated bespoke donation solutions.

In every case the result leads to a high conversion rate and best possible donation outcomes.

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Peer-to-Peer & Crowdfunding Campaigns

Your supporters create their own campaign and collect donations from their circle of friends and family in the name of your organisation.

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Fundraising-Trends per Newsletter!

Gerne informieren wir Sie regelmäßig über die neuesten Entwicklungen der FundraisingBox und spannende Trends im Online-Fundraising.

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Appeals & Projects

Create a campaign with a specific donation goal

Progress bars and the listing of donors emotionalise and motivate further supporters.

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Reporting & Analysis

Always keep track of your donation channels and the success of all current campaigns.

Relationship Management

Increase the engagement of your donors with your organisation. Our Donor-Relationship-Management tool is designed to optimise day-to-day tasks in fundraising by decreasing the time spent on routine processes. We take the load off of your work.
Already have your own CRM? No problem, it can be seamlessly connected to the FundraisingBox.

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Payment Cloud

We are always up-to-date and provide your organisation and its donors with the most important and modern payment methods. Regular donations can also be processed without a problem.

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Further payment methods

Mobile Technology

Mobile donations are becoming increasingly important. We provide you with the responsive technology your donors expect.


The FundraisingBox makes you flexible and independent by providing unlimited possibilities through various technical extensions.

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Technology that
you can rely on

We provide the support you deserve for all of your fundraising efforts and can even provide individual solutions catered to your needs.

Be it live-fundraising at charity events, NFC-technology in print mailings, or face-to-face campaigns with the help of fundraising tablets - we make it possible!

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