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In contrast to the traditional campaign or project, here your supporters will be personally active. Everyone can become an ambassador for your organisation and even collect donations within their own network that flow directly to your organisation.

Your branding

The donation campaigns are seamlessly integrated into your own website with a few mouse clicks and are therefore clearly associated with your organisation.

Sharing is caring

By means of a sharing function, the campaign starter can easily share his or her donation campaign throughout all of their social networks. Benefit from the social tools and connections of your supporters and reach donors, who would otherwise not be reached.

This dramatically and noticeably increases your range!

Emotional and sympathetic

The dialogue with the donors through comments and the visibility of the donation amounts leads to higher average donations and provides a personal touch.

Quick Start - Campaigns start in 1 minute

Each collector can start their own campaign within one single minute.

Automatic care and communication

Close contact and better support of the campaign starter can be achieved effortlessly through automated e-mails.

What our customers say

"The online donation campaigns are a wonderful addition to our donation possibilites. The support of the FundraisingBox is open to new ideas and respects the wishes of the organisations. Makes for a truly beautiful work!"

Customer 1Johanna Schäfer,
Donor support, Oxfam Germany

"We are pleased to have found a reliable and application-friendly fundraising software for our website in the FundraisingBox. Above all, the possibility of individual fundraising campaigns, where one can see the progress of the donation directly, is very gladly used by our donors."

Customer 2Gereon Fischer,
Board Executive, Habitat for Humanity Germany

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