Fundraising Campaign


Fundraising campaigns are the modern and contemporary version of the popular cause-related donation. Using this application you give your supporters the opportunity to show commitment to your organization quickly and easily -- and be visible on your website. In keeping with the motto "instead of donating 10 Euros collect 100 Euros", everybody can become an active ambassador for your organization.

Fundraising Campaigns


In comparison to classic cause-related donations with an account number or a donation box the online fundraising campaign sees more participation and on average considerably higher donations. Also​, you will almost always receive donor information to expand your donor circle.


Fundraising campaigns not only make your website more lively but also more authentic. Real supporters, not only celebrities, are honored by becoming visible. Your supporters are an important part of your organization -- show it!


We started in 2007 as the first fundraising campaign platform in Germany. 8 years of experience with our own platform and with fundraising campaigns on client websites make us experienced pros.

Tried and Tested

Our interactive cause-related donation has already been tried and tested by more than 50 organizations​.


Our years of experience regularly flow into the further development. In this way the application is consistent with the spirit of the times and is readily accepted by both fundraisers and donors.

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