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Unlike conventional appeals or donation pages, the peer-to-peer fundraising tool allows your supporters to create events and gather donations among their friends and community - right on your website. Anyone can be an ambassador for your organisation. Donations flow directly to you.

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Peer-to-peer campaigns with your branding

Set up the peer-to-peer donation forms to match your corporate design so that the entire campaign is clearly associated with your organisation. Integrating peer-to-peer campaigns in your website takes just a few clicks.

Peer-to-peer campaigns with your branding

Sharing is caring - expand the reach of your peer-to-peer campaigns

Peer-to-peer fundraising made simple: By means of a sharing function, supporters can can easily share the peer-to-peer campaign throughout all of their social networks. Benefit from the social tools and connections of your supporters and gain potential donors whom you would otherwise not reach.

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Your fundraising campaign - emotional and personal

Supporter comments and visibility of the donation amounts lead to higher average donations and provide a personal touch. In this way you can make your fundraising campaign more successful.

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Quick Start - Campaigns online in 1 minute

Neither technical skills nor great amounts of time are needed in order to set-up your peer-to-peer fundraising. Supporters can start their own campaign within a single minute.

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Automated support and communication for your peer-to-peer fundraising

Automated e-mails effortlessly achieve close contact and better communication with supporters. Maximise the success of your fundraising campaigns through simplified communication.

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What our customers say

"The online peer-to-peer campaigns are a wonderful addition to our fundraising options. The FundraisingBox support team is open to new ideas and respects the wishes of the organisations. It is great working with the FundraisingBox!"

Customer 1 Johanna Schäfer,
Donor Support, Oxfam Germany

"We are pleased to have found a reliable and application-friendly fundraising software for our website in the FundraisingBox. Above all, the possibility of individual fundraising campaigns, where one can see the progress of the donation directly, has been happily adopted by our supporters."

Customer 2 Gereon Fischer,
Board Executive, Habitat for Humanity Germany

Our fundraising campaigns in daily use

Benefit Campaign

Fundraiser Aktion Deutschland Hilft – Aktion Deutschland Hilft

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Special donation NABU
wedding, mourning, and much more

Benefit Campaign

Donation campaign Doctors Without Borders - Doctors Without Borders

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