Donation Forms


100% flexible design


We make every design possible. For example, single or multi-level forms, gladly with user-defined fields. Choose one of our proven layouts or bring your own form and benefit from the connection to the latest payment methods and the superior data security of the FundraisingBox.


Recurring payments

Our forms are also perfect for regular donations. The rhythm, such as monthly or yearly, can be set individually. All relevant payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, credit card and direct debit are available.

One-click donations through donor re-recognition

The FundraisingBox recognises recurring donors. The donation form is then automatically filled with the donor data - including the number of dates and the most recently donated amount. The donor clicks only on confirm and the donation is finished!

International Campaigns

To support you with international campaigns, we offer you our forms in freely selectable languages.

In addition, you can choose between various world currencies.



Find the variation that best converts

In the multiple-variation-test, you can send as many forms as you want to the races and find out which one converts best.

Versatile application

Whether classic donation forms, forms for memberships and sponsorships, a donation shop or a donation form integrated into your Facebook page- the FundraisingBox is as versatile as no other solution on the market.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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