Tried and Tested

At home in Augsburg -- at work all over Europe. Whether big or small, more than 1000 organizations build on us.

Even in disaster situations, I can always rely on the FundraisingBox payment capacity.

Thilo Reichenbach, Head of Media & Online, Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. - Bündnis deutscher Hilfsorganisationen

The FundraisingBox is an advanced tool setting new standards in online fundraising.

Dr. Anes Sabitovic, Online Fundraising, Islamic Relief Deutschland e.V.

All payment provider data reaches us securely over just one interface -- this saves time and nerves.

Lena Egenberger, Communications, MISEREOR

I am very happy that we have chosen the FundraisingBox. Thanks to the FundraisingBox interfaces all online donor information is directly synchronized with our donor database.

Stephanie Nicolai, Head of Online Marketing, CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.

The FundraisingBox not only allows implementing any number of donation forms quickly and easily on the websites it also lets us​ customize and adapt them freely.

Mag.a Ulrike Pelzl, Online Marketing, LICHT FÜR DIE WELT - Christoffel Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

Efficient, intuitive, fast -- compared to many complex systems the FundraisingBox is leaner and self-explanatory in a way that allowed us to get started using the tool right away.

Thomas Laker, Head of Brand Dialogue, SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

Online fundraising campaigns are a great asset in our donation offering. The FundraisingBox support team is open to new ideas and regards the organizations' requirements. Great working!

Johanna Schäfer, Fundraising - Donor Support, Oxfam Deutschland e.V.

It is particularly the flexible and easy implementation of donation forms that makes the FundraisingBox attractive. Even high traffic is processed perfectly. For questions and problems, the support team is always available and helping with friendliness and competence.

Marta Rittershofen, Online Fundraising, PETA Deutschland e. V.

After a comprehensive research process, we have chosen the FundraisingBox and have not regretted this decision. That is also thanks to the excellent support, which doesn't only react promptly but what's more​ with extreme competence.

Mahi Klosterhalfen, Executive Chairman, Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt

We have been convinced by the forms' options and flexibility, which make​ our work in online fundraising much easier.

Klemens Karkow, Head of Fundraising, NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.

Indispensable for professional online fundraising, innovative, secure, and easy to customize, and that's not all: FundraisingBox is so much more... and not to forget the super-awesome support!!!

Ulrich Karlowski, Chairman & Director, Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine e.V.

Using the FundraisingBox,​ we have found a very professional extension of our donation options. Having this partner at our side, we are optimally prepared for the future!

Manuel Abraas, Secretary, Sea Shepherd Deutschland e.V.

​Switching to the FundraisingBox was the right decision: straightforward and intuitive controls, good service, and a fair pricing model have convinced us!

Volker Hinz, Marketing & Fundraising, v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel

Since we've put the FundraisingBox online, I am enjoying lovely "You have received a new donation" emails daily. ​This is motivating and helps to save lives.

Achim Wiese, Head of Association Communications and Fundraising, and Press Officer, Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V. (DLRG)

​Serious and hassle-free -- that is how online fundraising should work. And it does so with the FundraisingBox. Better than any home-made solution!

Alf Pille, Deputy Head of Public Relations and Patron Services, Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V.

The FundraisingBox has many advantages but the most important criteria for us was the simplicity and clarity of the donation forms. Because, in fundraising, it is of particular importance to make things as easy as possible for donors. In this area, the FundraisingBox is top. And I was very surprised that it not only offers the best forms, which are constantly improved but that it does so at a much more competitive price than many others.

Mag. Franziska Spielleuthner, Public Relations, „Menschen für Menschen“, Karlheinz Böhms Äthiopienhilfe, Verein zur Hilfeleistung für Menschen in Entwicklungsländern

Fortunately, we came into contact with the FundraisingBox. Thanks to the online donation forms we were able to increase the donation volume considerably. I have recommended the FundraisingBox several times and am glad that I can do so in good conscience.

Lars Bauer, NachDenkSeiten by the "Initiative zur Verbesserung der Qualität politischer Meinungsbildung e. V.“ (IQM)

Since we have been using the FundraisingBox, we can focus on our true job -- communicating with our supporters. We no longer have to quarrel with donation forms that crash half-way through the donation process or suddenly run over an insecure Internet connection. Communications with the FundraisingBox team is prompt and straightforward.

Helge Swars, Donor Communications/Program Coordination, Weltfriedensdienst e.V.

In its backend, the FundraisingBox offers an easy-to-use interface. An individually customizable form makes donating quick and straightforward.

Robin Walter, Public Relations & Fundraising, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V.

We are happy to have found a reliable and user-friendly fundraising software for our website in the FundraisingBox. Especially the option for your "Own Fundraising Campaign", in which one can see the fundraising progress directly, is readily utilized by our donors.

Matthias Enge, Finance & Administration, Habitat for Humanity Deutschland e.V.

The FundraisingBox tools and their excellent service have us head into the right direction. Should we need a contact person, after all, the support is available with quick and straightforward help.

Jan Peifer, 1. Vorsitzender, Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e. V.

Using the FundraisingBox, I don't have to worry about whether our donation form works.

Michael Gotzen, Head of Fundraising Division, German Medical Aid Organization action medeor e.V.

The fact that the data is cloud-based and secure, combined with easy website implementation using the site's design were deciding factors for us to go with the FundraisingBox.

Clemens Mulokozi, Director and Founder, JAMBO BUKOBA e. V.

For us, the FundraisingBox is an important and effective tool! It enables simple, user-friendly donations.

Matthias Schlüter, Donor Relations, DIE ARCHE Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e.V.

Donors want to help -- but not everybody likes direct debits from their account. The straightforward implementation of different donation options allows our supporters to choose themselves how to provide help. And it works: by offering SOFORT Online Bank Transfer, PayPal, and credit cards the number and the satisfaction of our donors has increased significantly -- and that will have a direct impact on our global relief efforts.

Ruth Bücker, Fundraising Officer, Ärzte der Welt e.V. - Doctors of the World Germany

Thanks to the FundraisingBox we can offer our donors professional, secure and costumer-friendly online donations. We are delighted by the competent, pleasant and fast support, and we are convinced that we have chosen the right product in the FundraisingBox.

Mag. Klaus Höckner, Stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender, Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs

Not only the donation form and the database but most of all the FundraisingBox service has surpassed my expectations. Ever since we have started using the FundraisingBox online donation form the number of recurring donations has multiplied. Now we can plan ahead, ​and thanks to the FundraisingBox easily keep in contact with our donors.

Sabrina Schulz, Manager, LR GLOBAL KIDS FUND e.V.

The FundraisingBox allows us to offer our internet-savvy donors different options of getting engaged for Handicap International. Quick and straightforward -- that is how donating online should work!

Sabine Zintel, Head of Fundraising, Handicap International e.V.

The FundraisingBox is an intuitively to use tool that makes our daily work much easier. The donation form can be quickly and easily customized and implemented into the website, even without any technical knowledge. The width of donation options on offer is a primary success factor in online fundraising. Our donors can choose the payment method they trust the most without having to leave the website, which increases good feelings when giving and decreases the abort rate.​

Markus Senft, Head of Fundraising & Digital Communications, GEMEINSAM FÜR AFRIKA e.V.

The FundraisingBox system is the ideal tool for our donation processing. Simple, self-explanatory, and competent. I would like to emphasize the straightforward and fast support when we have questions or need help especially​. I warmly recommend the FundraisingBox.

Silvia Fullenkamp, Marketing, PR, Fundraising, UN Women Nationales Komitee Deutschland e.V.

Thanks to the FundraisingBox we can now offer multiple payment options to our donors, ​and we can amend donation forms quickly and easily.

Anna-Luise Sonnenberg, Head of Fundraising, arche noVa – Initiative für Menschen in Not e.V.

Working with the FundraisingBox is an important part of our daily business. It is not only an efficient tool for online fundraising but also an opportunity to gain statistics and reports about donors and donations, making work much richer and easier. Thanks to the FundraisingBox we get to know our supporters even better -- a real treasure.

Christine Lindemann, Head of Office, Fundraising/Marketing, HORIZONT e.V.

Since we have started to use the FundraisingBox, Berliner Tafel has the option of expanding fundraising through the CRM and to professionalize it. Thanks to the self-explanatory functions, usage is extremely easy. And I'd also like to highlight the excellent service in case of questions and suggestions.

Achim Karatas, Fundraising, Berliner Tafel e.V.

We were hesitant at first to switch to a new system, but now I am happy that we ventured this step. It was well worth it and was far less complicated than I had feared. Implementing the online forms on our website also worked well and hassle-free, and​ if there ever is a question the friendly customer service is there to help. Thank you to the FundraisingBox team!

Birgit Braun, Executive Chair, Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V.

The FundraisingBox offers us options to design and implement successful and sustainable online fundraising.
The logical and neat donation form, in particular, is well-received. The different donation options make it possible to donate quickly and with just a few clicks, even for specific projects. We are very happy with it but,​ more importantly, so are our supporters.

Carsten Donder, Online Fundraising, Evangelisches Johannesstift Berlin

We use the FundraisingBox in particular to raise funds for our LAUF event. It couldn't be easier for our "Sponsor runners" to collect donations for AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt. Best of all: 100% of the donations reach us. The straightforward processing and a friendly support in the background prove us right in choosing FundraisingBox!

Stephanie Horn, Public Relations and Fundraising, Förderverein der AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt

We use the FundraisingBox for our donation processing. The multiple options to tie the software into our homepage (donation forms) were only realized after we were already administering donations. The way the direct support -- without impersonal hotlines -- works is also great.

Marc Peine, Director, Kinderlachen e.V.

The FundraisingBox offers everything from a single source: we can manage our addresses and look after all donors individually -- without a lot of effort! We can set the donation forms to fit precisely -- for a general donation but also to enlist sponsors and members. The parameter selection allows us to pre-set projects and donation amounts, exactly as we need it for our website. Thanks to automatic donation buttons the donor can give quickly and easily, and the donation bars motivate them even more.

Jacob Birkenhäger, 1st Chairman, Masifunde Bildungsförderung e.V.

Like many other smaller associations, we have been managing our donations in Excel until now, and there was no option to give online on our homepage. Now we have been using the FundraisingBox solution for many years, we are delighted by how well and easy everything works. The support is also impressive! The investment is certainly worth it.

DDr. Stefanie Gruarin, Public Relations, Tierhilfe Horsearound

Thanks to the flexible design of donation forms and widgets, we can generate and process online donations for our projects much more easily. The FundraisingBox was and continues to be a strong partner for us!

Miriam Steinberg, Project Manager Communications and Marketing, Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe

The FundraisingBox is one of my best co-workers. Courtesy of it, I have more time to realize the goals of the foundation.

Neven Subotic, Foundation Founder, Neven Subotic Stiftung

We have been happy FundraisingBox customers since the spring of 2015. We are especially impressed by the team's flexibility, friendliness, and quick response whatever the question might be.

Dr. Martin Kasper, Volunteer Chair, Childaid Network

In the FundraisingBox team, we have partners at our side that always react promptly to questions and issues, and find comprehensible, easy-to-implement solutions. Their offer is always up-to-date and innovative. We are going to continue trusting in this competent team to master future challenges on the same high level.

Gabriele Redl, Head of Office and Donor Services, Stiftung Bunter Kreis

We started using the FundraisingBox in 2011. Nowadays, all our donor administration is done with the software. To us, the FundraisingBox is an ideal partner that gets the idea of catering to customer requests at the max, which means that the software is continuously improved. Absolutely recommendable!

Andreas Link, Director, Strahlemann e. V.

The FundraisingBox tools can be implemented into the website flexibly and quickly​, and they allow for spontaneous adaptations to current projects. In the support team, we have friendly and competent staff at our side that reacts promptly to our queries. Thank you for that!

Isabel Hoffmann, Team Assistance and Donor Care, KlinikClowns e.V.

As a non-profit association, we rely on donations. The FundraisingBox gives us an easy and secure way to receive online donations.
Since the FunraisingBox online donation form is robust and easy to operate, ​we have found the right tool to fundraise online.
The prompt and helpful support in particular, as well as the innovative further development of functions and usability, are what carries conviction for the FundraisingBox.​

Nathanael Volke, Head of Communications Division, CVJM-Gesamtverband in Deutschland e. V.

We have been using the FundraisingBox for years and are simply delighted.
Even I, who is often challenged by software, can handle the FundraisingBox. All information about donors & partners at one glance. Forms, multiple tags to configure, account statements straight into the program.
FundraisingBox is what we have long been looking for and finally found.

Jean-Pierre Rummens, Chief Executive Officer, Feed the Hungry Stiftung

We have been looking for a long time to find an option that would enable us to also fundraise online for the International Schoenstatt Center Belmonte, Rome, while offering global donors an accessible, comprehensible, and low-cost way to donate. We have found both in the FundraisingBox along with an incredibly service-oriented team that has also been fulfilling with pleasure​ several special requests for multi-lingual forms and adaptations.

Maria Fischer, Communication Manager, Matri Ecclesiæ e. V.

We are happy that we have decided, after careful consideration, in favor of the FundraisingBox. Easy to use, flexible in its implementation, fast and helpful support - what more could you want!

Gitta Haucke, CEO, Herzenssache eV - The Children Relief Action of SWR, SR and Sparda-Bank

Our decision for the FundraisingBox has proven itself: The software is intuitive to use and allows us to easily obtain online donations. In addition, the support is really very fast.

Stefanie Miebach, Press and Public Relations, Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.

I am truly delighted! The FundraisingBox is a great product, equally suitable for small and large associations.

Petra Windisch de Lates, Chairwoman of the Board, Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.

We are very satisfied with the FundraisingBox proposition! At affordable terms, we can enable our donors to support our work easily via the Internet. Privacy and security played a major role in the decision-making process and finally tipped the balance for​ the FundraisingBox.

Felix Wiegner, Public Relations and Fundraising, Allianz-Mission e. V.

To us, the FundraisingBox is simply a great support. The usage cases are varied and flexible, and support is truly marvelous. We as customers with our requirements​ feel well taken on.

Claudia Bitti, Fundraising/Event Management, Fundskerle - Förderkreis der Gesundheitsholding Lüneburg

The FundraisingBox is used more and more by our Stern readers. We are very pleased about that. Administrating the tools is hassle-free and self-explanatory. Marvelous to have this modern and straightforward donation solution!

Thekla Kerbstat, Head of Association Office, Stiftung stern – Hilfe für Menschen e.V.

User information and banking data should be separate. FundraisingBox offers exactly that. I can rely on account information being secure in the FundraisingBox.

Jörg Mitzlaff, Director, openPetition gGmbH

​Implementing the FundraisingBox was the most important and best fundraising decision in our association's history. Part of the excellent tool is the quickest support we have ever seen. For a small organization, in particular, the gains in efficiency provide an advantage that cannot be overestimated.

MSc Mathias Stempell, Chairman, Die Kinderinsel Vogtland e.V.

We are very happy to have switched to the FundraisingBox. The combination and tight connection of donation form and donor database have convinced us. The donor database is intuitive, easy to use, and more potent than expected (at such a price). Compared to our prior donor database, we have gained a high level of efficiency. Thank you!

Jörg Fleckenstein, Head of Strategic Development, Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT) Heidelberg

Our decision to get the FundraisingBox is an asset with regards to being able to help with donations. We are delighted by the innovative and intuitive handling. Prompt and competent liaising with the support gives us security and clarity. Giving online saves our donors,​ as well as us, time and money. We can use these savings to aid elsewhere.

Anja Schneider, Fundraising, Donor Support/Donor Administration, Steuerkanzlei Leichsenring, Verein für krebskranke Kinder Hannover e.V.

The FundraisingBox is just great! Since we use it, our donation management and data maintenance work flawlessly. We found the implementation of our new website especially good, because the donation form is super incorporated in the site and the donor is not redirected to a new page. This creates confidence in donors that manifests itself in a sharp increase in online donations.

Lena Bronner, Head of Donation Administration and Donor Care, Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München - AKM

​We are delighted to have found a solution in the FundraisingBox that is characterized by easy handling and good operability. If nothing else, the particularly friendly and always excellent support make working with the FundraisingBox every day straightforward and convenient.

Clemens Matern, Online Fundraising, eva Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart e.V.

For our association, working closely with the community in a city of 45,000 people, the FundraisingBox was the right choice. It creates transparency, is easy to use, and allows excellent management of donor and member information (CRM).

Axel Wilhelm, Chair, Evangelischer Verein Fellbach e. V.

​We are very satisfied with choosing the FundraisingBox. The support is prompt, competent, and reliable, and the interface is lean, intuitive, and user-friendly. The FundraisingBox has made our first steps in online fundraising significantly easier.

Felix Hnat, Director and Representative, Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich

And another more than 1000 associations, foundations, churches, parties, and other non-profit organizations.

You, too, can use the FundraisingBox and become a satisfied customer of our services.