accompanies you in your digital transformation and helps you to expand your sponsors both online and offline, increase your donation volume, and expand your influence to an extent like never before.

Single Donor View - Complete 360 ° viewing of your supporters

Do you know your donors? Your fundraising depends on what you know about your donors and how you cater to them. Your most important asset is your donor data. FundrasingBoxCRM provides the very best data quality. Get to know your donors even better!

Donor Service Experience

Donors want to be cared for and expect professional communication. Bind and inspire your sponsors through first-class support. FundraisingBoxCRM helps you to focus on the donor and communicate personally, empathically and quickly.

Fundraising Automation

You need streamlined processes for efficient workflows. This means transparent, networked and integrated data with a real-time payment overview. FundraisingBoxCRM is optimised for day-to-day fundraising tasks and automatically performing routines.

Integral Fundraising

Marketing, fundraising, and payment directly interweaved

For successful fundraising, the linking of all data and instruments is crucial. Through the integral workings of FundraisingBoxCRM you know which of your supporters will most likely donate again and what amount is to be expected. Convince them to support even more with personalised campaigns.


Display customised, highly individualised content - whether by letter, newsletter, search engine advertising, or social targeting.

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