Description of Services

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Donation forms

Feature Description
Unlimited donations Donations received via the forms are unlimited in number and amount.
Various expression The forms can be easily created, individually configured as per the intended purpose (donation, sponsorship, membership, Facebook, etc.), and afterward embedded on the website with copy&paste. The Facebook donation form can be activated via the free extension to implement it automatically​ with the installation routine into an existing Facebook page.
Donation possibilities All current payment methods such as direct debit, credit card, PayPal, and Sofort online bank transfer are available through extensions.
Set payment options per form You can offer different payment options in every form. You can, for example, provide​ different payment options to donors on Facebook as compared to donors on your website.
Recurring donations Donations can be processed recurringly. That means that the donor can, for example, also donate every month automatically.​
Project donation You may record projects (references) to receive specific donations.
Mobile-ready Thanks to responsive design technology the forms are displayed optimally on all smartphones and tablets.
Donation buttons/links You can create as many donation buttons and links for your website or a third party website as you desire.
Donation widgets You can generate as many donation widgets for your website or a third party website as you desire. They will all display a donation bar with the fundraising goal and the current status in real time.
Full CSS styling With a separate form CSS style sheet size, border, buttons, and fonts can be completely customised.
Unbound donation Unbound donations are possible.
Corporate donation Donations with indication of company information are possible.
Proposed amounts Any number of amounts (such as for memberships or sponsorships) can be proposed in a freely chosen order in the form​.
Amount designation Individual amounts can be individually named, e.g. as student membership or animal sponsorship.
Individual amount ​Particularly in the case of proposed amounts a supporter is free to give an individually determined amount.
International currencies The FundraisingBox can be operated in EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, DKK, USD, Russian Ruble or CHF. Other currencies are possible on request.
Configure form fields It is possible to customise which form fields are queried (e.g. message or requirement of donation receipt).
Mandatory fields All relevant form fields can be declared mandatory fields.
Optimised mobile forms (starting with Premium) Individual fields can automatically be faded out on mobile devices in order to provide maximum user-friendliness and a higher conversion-rate.
Smart field display The fields in a form will dynamically adapt. If a donor, for example, selects to receive a donation receipt, the address query will appear. That way the form always remains neat and user-friendly​.
Custom contact fields
(Premium and higher)
You can create your own fields such as membership number or hobby. Afterward, these fields can be edited during​ all interactions.
Custom donation fields
(Premium and higher)
You can create your own fields such as "dedicated to". These fields can be edited during all donations.
Automatic e-mail validation Only valid e-mail addresses are accepted.
Your privacy policy/terms and conditions Optionally, you can set​ a link to your own privacy policy as well as your terms and conditions.
Language setting The form can also be in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish
and Greek. There is one language per form. Other languages available upon request.
Automatic tagging Donors giving through the forms can be automatically assigned to one or more groups (tags).
High conversion through One Step All form fields are visible to the donor at one glance. Action aborts because of multiple steps are avoided.
High conversion rates through in-site payment Payment information can be entered directly in one single step. Often​, there will not even be a redirect to the payment provider. If there is a redirect (as with PayPal), the donor is directed back to the organisations website right after the donation and receives a thank-you.
High conversion through cross-browser compatibility​ ​The forms work in all popular and current browsers. We guarantee that all new versions are also supported.
Easy installation on your website To embed a form, you only have to copy a small code snippet into your website. The Facebook donation form is even self-installing thanks to an automatic routine.
Alternative URLs Alternative URLs can be specified so that a form can, for example, be active simultaneously on and However, the sites must be identical in content and differ only slightly, e.g. in the umlaut in the web address.
Support of all current website systems The forms can be implemented on all static websites as well as dynamic CMS systems such as Typo3, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. All that is required is for the CMS to have JavaScript and iFrames enabled.
Real-time donation statistics All incoming donations can be immediately analyzed​ based on source, project, and payment method. Graphics thereby also reveal their development over time.
Convenient real-time adaptation The form only has to be embedded into the website once with the embed code. Subsequent changes to the settings will be applied to the form in real-time.
Social media push After a successful donation, the donor can​ inform their network about the donation. To that end, privacy-compliant spread-the-word functions via e-mail, Whatsapp, or social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are available.
Test mode You can do a complete run-through of the form in donor view without triggering a real direct debit payment.
Secure donations All donations transactions are encrypted at all times with 256 bit SSL and are processed through selected and renowned payment providers. More info is also available in our security center.
No buffer account Dank Payment Cloud laufen die Spenden nicht über ein Konto der FundraisingBox.
Secure, isolated CMS sandbox The donation form sits​ in a secure, isolated environment. That means, even if the CMS (website of the organisation) should be compromised, the attacker cannot intercept any transaction data in the form.
Color Through a color picker, a custom color can be selected. That way some texts, as well as buttons, are automatically adapted to the website color.
Custom width The form width can be customised to fit seamlessly into different column layouts. The correct height is automatically determined.
Custom thank-you message You can display an individual thank-you message to the donor after a successful donation.
E-mail templates/pre-defined responses Templates are pre-defined texts to be used for quick and personalised e-mails.
Automatic personalised thank-you e-mail
(through extension)
After a donation, an automated thank-you e-mail can be sent to your donor. This e-mail can consider all basic information about the donation and the contact. For example: "Dear Mr Miller, Thank you for your 25 Euro donation to our well-building project. As requested, we will collect the amount monthly from the account you have specified. Kind regards."
Automatic donation message via e-mail The automatic e-mail messaging informs about incoming donations.
Pre-populating amount, frequency, project, etc. The form can contain pre-populated values such as the donation amount or a project name. Furthermore, name, address, and company name can be populated, and ​frequency can be proposed or determined.
Selection of donations and standing orders Searching with different parameters -- also combined -- is possible, such as amount, person, payment method (e.g. direct debit), and source. That way, among other things, you can select donations generated through a particular form.
Smart search With Smart-Search, you can intuitively realise advanced queries in the FundraisingBox dataset without having to use a complex query language.
Smart tags Smart Search can be stored as smart tags, so that complicated or recurrent searches do not have to be entered again over and over.
Export Complex search results for donations and contacts can be exported via the common CSV format.
Users Each created user (employee) has their own account with personal login data. Secure login is encrypted with SSL via the FundraisingBox website.
Managing user rights Any number of user groups can be created, which can be used for visibility of certain objects. A user can be assigned different rights in individual areas of FundraisingBox.

SEPA included

Feature Description
BIC/IBAN query For SEPA direct debit, BIC/IBAN is queried in the donation form.
Combined form query KTO/BLZ (account and bank forwarding numbers) can be queried in addition to IBAN/BIC.
BIC/IBAN form validation The BIC/IBAN values entered in the form can be checked for validity. Corresponding expansion is required.
BIC/IBAN transaction completion Entered KTO/BLZ (account and bank forwarding numbers) can be converted automatically into BIC/IBAN. Corresponding expansion is required.
Thank you e-mail pre-notification Donors can be pre-notified about upcoming bookings in the thank you e-mail.
Thank you site pre-notification Donors can be pre-notified about upcoming bookings in the thank you page.
BIC/IBAN dataset completion All account/bank code inventory data can be amended by BIC/IBAN on the condition of an adequate extension.
Generating mandates for direct debit inventory SEPA mandates can be generated for existing direct debits.
Mandate CSV export All mandates can be exported in the CSV format, e.g. for mail merging.
Automatic mandate reference IDs Valid mandate reference IDs can be generated automatically.
PDF download All SEPA mandates can be downloaded individually and/or as aggregate PDF.
Mandate monitoring ​A mandate dashboard, which can be filtered/sorted, provides an overview over all created mandates.
Physical signature There is an upload option for mandates with physical signature (incl. combo mandates, direct debit authorisation).
Auto mandate status Mandate status information (e.g. last use) is automatically updated.
Mandate archiving All mandates are securely archived in the FundraisingBox.
SEPA XML export (GER/AT) For SEPA direct debit donations SEPA XML files can be created and exported for the countries Germany and Austria.
Logging of e-mail SEPA pre-notifications
(with activated CRM)
All sent pre-notification e-mails are automatically logged.
Manual mandate entry
(with activated CRM)
SEPA mandates can be manually entered or created.

Including donation receipts

Feature Description
Creating individual donation receipts Single donation receipts can be automatically created. These are then available in PDF format to download for further processing e.g. by mail or via e-mail. Currently, only donation receipts for German organisations are supported.
Creation of collective donation receipts
(with activated CRM)
Collective donation receipts can be created for one or more persons. These are then available in PDF format to download for further processing, e.g. by mail or via e-mail. Currently, only donation receipts for German organisations are supported.
Customisable donation receipt contents The donation receipt will be generated according to prescribed standards. All content such as text, address, logo, and signatures are also customisable. Currently only donation receipts for German organisations are supported.
Individual design of donation receipts Individually matching donation receipts is possible; for example, colors, font sizes, logo sizes, spacing, etc.
Selection of donation receipts Search by various criteria such as 'to send,' 'amount,' 'date of receipt,' 'receipt request,' 'shipping date,' etc.
Sending of donation receipts Donation receipts are generated in PDF format and can be sent by e-mail or manually by post.

Relationship Management (CRM) /
Kontakt- und Spendenmanager (optional)

Feature Description
Contacts Contacts are persons in the address book; e.g. donors, members, or sponsors, who can be permanently managed and maintained. A contact can have any number of properties, such as addresses, bank accounts, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. If more contacts are required, you can change to a higher FundraisingBox plan at any time. Should the quota be used up, no more contacts can be manually created, and contacts which are transmitted, for example, via the FundraisingBox donation form are put in a waiting list. Once sufficient quota is available, this waiting list can be transferred into donations management.
Custom contact fields You can create your own fields such as membership number or hobby. Afterward, these fields can be edited during​ all interactions.
Selection of contacts Contacts can be searched easily according to different characteristics such as name, company, contact information, and tags. The search is made easier by auto-completion. Combination of various keywords is possible. Several contacts can be processed simultaneously via list operations (e.g. add note, tag, or modify visibility).
Tags (group management) Contacts can be grouped easily using tags, e.g. by members, regular donors, sponsors, VIPs, volunteers, and press. Each contact can be assigned any number of tags. By clicking on one or more tags, all related contacts can be displayed. It is possible to assign colors to the tags so that groupings are even clearer.
Relationship management A company can have multiple contacts (employees) assigned.
Task management For each contact, tasks can be assigned to particular time points (e.g. "Please call donor please and thank.") If a new object is created for a colleague, they are automatically notified via e-mail. With the task view, each user has a good overview of open and completed tasks.
Logging of e-mails, notes, phone calls, faxes, and letters Letters, faxes, phone calls, personal calls, etc. can be entered as a note for a contact.
Activity history All telephone calls, notes, personal calls, faxes, and e-mails from all users are shown clearly in the global activity history. This can be filtered in detail. Together with the complete activity history of every contact, the complete activity history will appear addition together with all file attachments.
Direct e-mail sending with the web mailer
(through extension)
Frequent e-mail responses can be filed and personalised e-mails can be sent by clicking directly from FundraisingBox. This requires an activated e-mail extension.
Sending e-mail via your own e-mail program Sending e-mails directly from the respective contact by clicking on the e-mail address.
E-mail integration with Gmail, Outlook, etc. Each user receives a personal FundraisingBox synchronisation e-mail address. If this is specified as a BCC copy when sending an e-mail from your e-mail program, the e-mail will be filed under the respective contact. If the e-mail address is unknown, a new contact is created automatically.
Group e-mail sending See extensions
Archiving e-mail attachments E-mail attachments are saved via BCC function, assigned to each contact, and and are available at any time to download.
Newsletter synchronisation (via extension) Die E-Mail-Adressen der verwalteten Personen können aus der FundraisingBox mit Newsletter-Diensten synchronisiert werden.
Document upload Each note can have attached files and documents, for example, a membership application. They are saved permanently with the contact.
Introducing fast letter copy-paste All important data are available in the contact index at a glance (the business card). The 'address' is already displayed in a formatted manner, so that they can simply be copied and for example be pasted into a Word document.
Automatic duplicate management Upon receipt of an online donation, a check is performed automatically whether the donor has already been added to FundraisingBox. If yes, the information is associated with the existing contact and automatically merged.
Manual duplicate management Duplicate contact records can be manually joined, easily and quickly (Merging). The missing data is transferred from one contact to the other contact.
Manual donation entry Donations received, for example, by bank transfer or cash donation can be manually created or imported e.g. by importing a CSV file.
Donation management Donations can be added at any time, and be sorted, edited, assigned, or deleted. A donation consists of the following elements, among others: receipt date, amount, source, project, and donation options.
Custom donation fields You can create your own fields such as "dedicated to". These fields can be edited during all donations.
Sources Donations can be assigned to a source such as phone action or street collections. Donations that come through forms or through an extension are automatically assigned to the correct source. In addition, any number of sources can be applied with name and description.
Manual recurring donations Standing orders (e.g. for memberships or fines) can be created manually and are then triggered automatically. If appropriate donation options are enabled, standing orders are handled automatically.
Import The import of donations, standing orders, and contacts (e.g. inventory database) is possible via CSV file. All values can be accurately assigned. This assignment can be stored and any import can also be reversed. For quick import, the system uses column names and automatically tries to find an association. The system detects existing contacts based on particular characteristics (e.g. name and e-mail), and assigns the new imported information to the contact. The import of donations using bank data is possible.


Feature Description
Ticket support The support team can be reached quickly via the contact form. Each request is assigned a unique ticket number.
Regular function updates Always up to date: FundraisingBox is constantly optimised and developed. The product news blog informs about any changes.
Help Center The FundraisingBox Help Center features extensive assistance, answers, and guidance, and is always available online. In addition, it is linked to your own FundraisingBox account.
Product news blog The product news blog provides regular information regarding new features and technical updates to FundraisingBox.
Status Board The status board provides information on current outages or scheduled maintenance windows.
DeveloperZone DeveloperZone is aimed at developers and technology enthusiasts who implement their own extensions (e.g. a charity shop) or who want to fully automatize processes (e.g. synchronisation with other systems).
Customer satisfaction portal The Customer Satisfaction portal lets you express praise and criticism, and give public feedback.

IT security and data protection

Feature Description
Data protection conforming to BDSG Sustainable privacy through the application of existing data protection rules.
Automatic security updates The software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches, and a firewall monitors all traffic.
Certified data centers All data centers used meet the highest safety standards, among others, HIPAA, SOC1, SOC 2, SOC3, ISO27001, and PCI DSS Level 1.
Geo-redundance Parallel operation of several independent data centers guarantees availiablity in case of failure.
Seamless monitoring Data center entrances and rooms are under video surveillance and logged access is only possible for authorised staff.
Firewall A firewall monitors and controls the entire data traffic and prevents unauthorised access.
Encrypted data backups Backups are taken for all data and stored securely encrypted at multiple server locations daily.
Data exclusivity All rights to data stored and transmitted in FundraisingBox remain exclusively owned by the owner.
Application for data processing Upon request, a contract can be concluded for data processing.
256 bit SSL encryption The connection between the browser and FundraisingBox is always secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, which is customary for online banking.
Multifactor authentication FundraisingBox provides multi-factor authentication via a third-party extension.
Audit Log

In the audit log, the most important activities of individual FundraisingBox users are logged. This makes it possible to understand who has logged in from where, with which device, when they logged in, and if they had, for example, deleted or exported data.

Fundraising campaign tool (Premium and above)

Feature Description
Unlimited donations The donations received through a fundraising campaign are unlimited in number and amount.
Recurring donations Recurring donations can also be collected via fundraising campaigns
Add offline donations External donations received can be added to a fundraising campaign. Here, donor names and messages can be displayed.
Start unlimited fundraising campaigns There are no limits to the number of fundraising campaigns.
Unlimited fundraising campaign tools (Enterprise and above) As many fundraising campaign tools as possible can be integrated on various websites.
Copy-paste integration The fundraising campaign tool can be created, configured, and embedded with copy & paste into the website, very easily.
Individual CSS styling Through individual fundraising campaign CSS stylesheets, various elements such as frames, buttons, and fonts can be individualised to the greatest extent.
Individual JS API integration (Enterprise and above) An intuitive and well-documented Javascript API is available in order to implement completely custom template designs.
Projects Fundraising campaigns can be launched for projects.
Categories Fundraisers can be assigned to categories (e.g. business, sports, etc.)
Mobile-ready The fundraising campaigns are displayed with optimally responsive design technology on all smartphones and tablet PCs.
Language selection The fundraising campaigns are readily available in several languages.
Individual Javascript (Enterprise and above) Javascript can be embedded in the fundraising campaign tools.
Individual wording Texts and headers can be adapted easily.
Manual activation To not make fundraisers live immediately, this option can be unlocked manually.
Image upload for fundraisers Fundraisers can upload an image, zoom in, and crop them for their fundraising campaigns.
Teasers in third-party websites A selection of fundraising campaigns can be advertised on external websites. For example, on one side only sport campaigns can be displayed.
Manually set order on website What actions are displayed on the web page can be set individually.
Close fundraising campaign Each fundraising campaign can be temporarily or permanently disabled.
Automatic display on website To keep fundraising campaigns on the website updated and varied, a representation control can be activated. Here, various criteria such as "only fundraising campaigns over 50%" are stored.
Secret editing link So that the fundraiser need not give a password, they can quickly edit their fundraising campaigns via a secret link.
Social media spread Both the fundraiser and visitors are offered all popular social media platforms for easy dissemination of the fundraising campaign.
Filter and sort fundraising campaigns Fundraising campaigns can be filtered and sorted by numerous values.
Fundraising campaign smart search Fundraising campaigns can be searched for in many ways (e.g. by donation amount, category, expiration date, etc.) Frequently used queries can be saved with smart tags.
Edit fundraising campaigns All fundraising campaigns can be edited easily in FundraisingBox.
Edit donation comments Donation comments from fundraising campaigns can be deleted and edited.
Export fundraising campaign All fundraising campaigns can be exported. Through a custom exporter, the corresponding column can be defined.
CRM integration All fundraisers are clearly displayed in the internal CRM, so that the community manager can capture all essential details (e.g. contact details, communication) at a glance.
Automatic maintenance e-mails (via extensions) The fundraiser will be sent periodical maintenance e-mails. For this, a series of events is available (e.g. "10 days before the end of the promotion"), and they can be set as a trigger for these e-mails.
Logging of all outgoing messages All automatically sent e-mails are logged.
Individual e-mail text/sender address All e-mail text can be edited. Individual e-mail sender addresses can be set.
Task management for community managers The community managers or other employees may automatically assigned tasks or fundraising campaigns. The person in charge will be notified via e-mail about this task. This allows more individual response to certain events (e.g. "started a new action," "fundraising goal reached," etc.), without losing an overview.
REST API (Enterprise and above) Fundraising campaigns can be created, read and changed via the REST XML interface. This also allows integration with external IT systems, such as a separate event registration.

Tracking (Premium and above)

Feature Description
Promotional codes To facilitate adjustment, promotional codes can be defined for donation opportunities/projects/resources.
Pass custom variables per link parameters The form can pass user-defined values via GET parameters. Thus, for example, tracking parameters can be passed.
Smart searching for user-defined variables With smart-search, you can target lists of donations and contacts which have a certain value in the custom fields. Thus, for example, all donors can be identified who have been reached through a newsletter and have donated.
Export user-defined variables The parameters passed from the form can be easily exported via CSV
Individual thank you page After a successful form donation, donors can be redirected to a custom URL.
Restricted parameter transfer to individual thank-you pages After a successful donation, the donor may be redirected to a user-defined URL which may contain various parameters (e.g. project). User-defined parameters are not supported.

Integration (Enterprise and up)

Feature Description
Javascript in the form You may embed JavaScript code into the donation form.
HTML in the form You can create your own elements such as images or headings quickly and easily using HTML in the form.
Webhooks Through web hooks, incoming donations transaction data can be transferred easily encrypted in real time via XML to a defined SSL web service. Thus convenient synchronisation with external applications/databases is ensured.
Server-side form filling API With the server-side pre-population API, all essential values of the form can be filled in without GET parameter passing. This is useful when the donors should not see all the values passed in the browser line or should not edit them. Thus, individual data (e.g. shopping cart orders, external IDs) can be transferred easily and safely.
Full parameter transfer to individual thank you pages After a successful donation, the donor can be redirected to a custom URL, depending upon these various parameters (e.g. user-defined parameters).
REST-API With the REST API, all FundraisingBox objects (donations, contacts, ...) can be read safely. The interface can be implemented in any programming language. XML is used as a communication standard. With the REST API, you have maximum flexibility in the implementation of private donations and synchronisation applications (automatic import/export).
JSON code for individualised item widget Query current information about a project via JSON. Thus it is possible e.g. even to program a widget that displays the current status of donations to a project.
Form API

Design forms (e.g. multi-step) completely independently according to your wishes. The form API then performs all complex tasks, such as data normalisation, data validation, duplicate matching, payment processing, encryption, thank-yous and CRM synchronisation.

Payment API

Realise highly individualised fundraising tools such as your own charity chat bots and hardware donation solutions. The API accepts payment data at the interface level, validates it, and initiates the transaction process of the FundraisingBox.

Recycle bin

Numerous deleted items are stored in the recycle bin and can be quickly and easily restored within 90 days.

Charity shopping cart (via extension) With the charity shop extension, your own donation shops can be linked quickly and easily to the FundraisingBox.

The tariffs at a glance


  • 2 forms
  • 4 users


  • 4 forms
  • 10 users


  • 6 forms
  • 20 users
  • 1 fundraising campaign tool

Custom Fields

  • Custom contact fields
  • Custom donation fields


  • Promotional codes
  • Pass custom variables per link parameters
  • Smart searching for user-defined variables
  • Export user-defined variables
  • Individual thank you page
  • Restricted parameter transfer to individual thank-you pages


  • Unlimited forms
  • 30 users
  • Unlimited fundraising campaign tools

Custom Fields

  • Custom contact fields
  • Custom donation fields


  • Promotional codes
  • Pass custom variables per link parameters
  • Smart searching for user-defined variables
  • Export user-defined variables
  • Individual thank you page
  • Full parameter transfer to individual thank you pages


  • Javascript / HTML in the form
  • Webhooks
  • Server-side form filling API
  • Form API
  • Payment API
  • JSON code for individualised item widget